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A Graduation Unlike Any Other

A Natural Selection

A Sea of Tranquility

Aisha Baker

Alex Sepkus

Alice Cicolini

All Products minus Foundrae + Gift Card

All Products minus Gift Cards

Alternative Wedding Rings

Animal Kingdom

Anna Maccieri Rossi

Anna Sheffield

Annette Ferdinandsen

Annie Fensterstock

April Birthday: Diamonds!

Aquamarine for March!

Around the World

Back in Stock!

Back to School: Modern Geometry

Bea Bongiasca

Beach Weekend

Beginner's Guide to Color

Bibi van der Velden

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Friday!

Blanca Monrós Gómez

Brace Yourself for the Holidays!

Brace Yourself!


Bracelets - New

Bracelets Under $250

Brent Neale

Brooke Gregson

Castro Smith

Casual Diamonds

Cathy Waterman

Celine Daoust

Chains - Bracelets

Chains - Necklaces

Changing Colors

Changing Colors

Color of the Year: Very Peri

Colored Solitaires and Bands

Danielle Welmond

Debbie Fisher

December is Turquoise and Tanzanite

December is Turquoise and Tanzanite


Diamond Solitaires

Diamond Solitaires Wedding

Digby & Iona

Disa Allsopp

Earrings - New

Earrings Under $250

Elé Karela

Elizabeth Street

Emanuela Duca

Erika Winters


Eva Fehren

February Birthstone is Amethyst

Fernando Jorge

Francesca Villa

Fraser Hamilton

Gabrielle Sanchez

Gift Cards

Gigi Clozeau

Give the Moon and Stars

Going Green!

Golden Hour

Grace Lee

Grainne Morton

Harwell Godfrey

Have a Heart x Muse

Heavenly Vices

Hello Sunshine!

I. Ronni Kappos

Isabel Borland

Jamie Joseph

Jane Diaz

January is Garnet and Rose Quartz!

January is Rose Quartz and Garnet!

Jemma Wynne

Jennie Kwon

Jill Platner

John Iversen

Johnny Ninos

Joseph Brooks

Judy Geib

Julie Rofman

July is Ruby!

Kathleen Whitaker

Keep it Playful

Kothari Elements

Lena Skadegard

Luis Morais

Make It Count

Mallary Marks

Mallary Marks Silver

Mandrel Studio

Marc Alary

Margaret Solow

Maria Rudman

Maria Tash

Marie Lichtenberg

Marie-Hélène de Taillac

May is Emeralds!

Men's - Bracelet

Men's - Rings

Men's Wedding

Merry and Bright!

Mixed Materials

Modern Pearls

Moritz Glik

Nada Ghazal

Nak Armstrong Nakard

Nancy Newberg


Necklaces - New

Necklaces Under $250

New Directions

Nicole Landaw

Nikolle Radi

Noor Fares

November Birthstone is Citrine and Topaz

October is Opal!


One-of-a-kind - Bracelet

One-of-a-kind - Earrings

One-of-a-kind - Necklace

One-of-a-kind - New

One-of-a-kind - Ring

Other - Earring

Other - Necklace

Other - New

Other - Ring

Other Under $250

Pantone Colors of the Year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow

Pascale Monvoisin

Pat Flynn

Peridot for August!

Pippa Small

Polly Wales

Rebecca Overmann


Rings - New

Rings Under $250

Rosa Maria

Rosanne Pugliese

Rusty Thought

SALE 2022!

Sarah McGuire


September Birthstone!

Sevan Bicakci

Shamballa Jewels

Sia Taylor

Silvia Furmanovich

Singles, Cuffs and Climbers

Sofia Zakia

Sophie Bille Brahe

Sophie Buhai

Sophie Hughes

Sophie Joanne


Space Out

Spinelli Kilcollin

Stacking Rings

State Property

Stephanie Schneider

Stephanie Windsor Vintage

Subtle Shimmer

Super Natural

Susan Alexandra



TEST Rings

Timeless Luxury

Todd Pownell

True Love

Tura Sugden

Under $250

Upgrade Him!

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day!

Valerie Madison

Variance Objects

Wedding Bands


Winter Whites

Winter Whites

Zoë Chicco