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    Ten Thousand Things Jewelry

    NEW YORK - Ten Thousand Things jewelry was inspired by text from ancient Chinese philosophy that translates to, "from one thing begets the ten thousand things." For over two decades, David Rees and Ron Anderson have put this principle into practice using infinite creativity and constant evolution as the driving force for their inspiration for Ten Thousand Things NYC. Always striving to push the envelope of possibilities, the overall look of Ten Thousand Things jewelry is fluid, rich with shapes that are organically-inspired, petite beads pinned to chains and a stunning, minimalist aesthetic.

    Chrysoprase Peacock Link Earrings


    Rainbow Moonstone Arrowhead Earrings


    Green Jade Peacock Link Earrings


    Blue Topaz Arrowhead Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Blue Topaz Arrowhead Earrings


    Small Turquoise Totem Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Small Turquoise Totem Earrings


    Lapis Peacock Link Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Lapis Peacock Link Earrings


    Onyx Peacock Link Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Onyx Peacock Link Earrings


    Turquoise Arrowhead Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Turquoise Arrowhead Earrings


    Short Tapered Ancient Bead Earrings


    Turquoise Short Spiral Earrings


    Pearl Multi-Cluster Necklace

    Tenthousandthings Pearl Multi-Cluster Necklace


    Beaded Pearl Choker

    Tenthousandthings Beaded Pearl Choker


    White Pearl Earring on Oxidized Sterling Silver
    Short Silver Cluster Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Short Silver Cluster Earrings


    Turquoise and Silver Loop Earrings


    Moonstone Locket Necklace

    Tenthousandthings Moonstone Locket Necklace


    Triple Askew Band

    Tenthousandthings Triple Askew Band


    Old Mine Cut Diamond Locket Chain Necklace


    Double Roll Thin Band

    Tenthousandthings Double Roll Thin Band


    Green Amethyst Tiny Arp Earrings


    Green Amethyst Faceted Triple Drop Earrings
    Turquoise Locket Necklace

    Tenthousandthings Turquoise Locket Necklace


    Double Askew Band

    Tenthousandthings Double Askew Band


    Turquoise Chain Wrapped Earrings


    Wrapped Coral Chain Foxtail Earrings


    Ancient Bead Fine Chain Bracelet


    TenThousandThings Beaded Amethyst Spiral Cluster Pendant Necklace
    Black and White Pearl Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Black and White Pearl Earrings


    Apatite Crest Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Apatite Crest Earrings


    Turquoise O'Keeffe Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Turquoise O'Keeffe Earrings


    Lapis Bead Chain Bracelet - TWISTonline

    Tenthousandthings Lapis Bead Chain Bracelet


    TenThousandThings Beaded Peruvian Opal Spiral Earrings


    Moonstone O'Keeffe Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Moonstone O'Keeffe Earrings


    Turquoise Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Turquoise Earrings


    Ten Thousand Things Small Labradorite Totem Earrings


    Labradorite O'Keeffe Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Labradorite O'Keeffe Earrings


    TenThousandThings Mother-of-Pearl Arrowhead Earrings


    Black Onyx O'Keefe Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Black Onyx O'Keefe Earrings


    Short Chrysoprase Beaded Earrings


    Labradorite Arrowhead Earrings - TWISTonline

    Tenthousandthings Labradorite Arrowhead Earrings


    TenThousandThings Beaded Jade Spiral Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Beaded Jade Spiral Earrings


    Carnelian Chain Earrings

    Tenthousandthings Carnelian Chain Earrings


    Small Tahitian Pearl Tail Earrings


    Ruby Charm Bracelet

    Tenthousandthings Ruby Charm Bracelet


    Aquamarine, Pearl and Emerald Charm Necklace
    Aquamarine Stone Tiles Necklace


    Labradorite Peacock Link Earrings


    Turquoise Bulb Cut Stone Necklace


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    Learn More about TENTHOUSANDTHINGS Jewelry


    TenThousandThings, Inspired by Nature

    TenThousandThings Jewelry NYC was founded as a collaboration between Ron Anderson and David Rees. They create incredibly detailed pieces crafted in both sterling silver and gold. TenThousandThings Jewelry utilizes abstract shapes found in nature to showcase the most beautiful stones.

    Frequently Asked Questions About TenThousandThings Jewelry

    Learn more about TenThousandThings Jewelry and browse our collection of pieces.

    What is Behind the Name TenThousandThings?

    The name for TenThousandThings jewelry was inspired by text from ancient Chinese philosophy that translates to "from one thing begets the ten thousand things."

    What Types of Stones Does TenThousandThings use in Their Jewelry?

    TenThousandThings Jewelry highlights the individual beauty and characteristics found within each stone they use, including lapis, turquoise, natural pearls, opals, emeralds and amber.

    How Long has TWIST Carried TenThousandThings Jewelry?

    TenThousandThings Jewelry is one of TWIST’s longest jewelry relationships and we have carried one-of-a-kind pieces in addition to the classic styles that TenThousandThings Jewelry makes year after year. Their jewelry will never go out of style.

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