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    Alice Cicolini Jewelry

    LONDON - Inspired by the sacred architecture and patterns of the Silk Route, the hand-made jewelry collection of Alice Cicolini is created in India by one of the last Jaipuri meenakari. Using ancient Persian enamel techniques and traditions, the stunning, meticulously crafted collection exudes a extraordinary, artful style. Alice Cicolini's far-reaching talents include publishing books on British Dandyism, acting as curator and creative commissioner and researching for Central St. Martins where she remains closely involved with Indian craft and design.

    Silver Tile Imperial Rose Quartz Ring
    Rose Quartz Silver Tile Earrings


    Silver Tile Round Aquamarine Ring


    Sapphire Candy Stacking Ring


    Round Aquamarine Silver Tile Pendant Necklace
    Oval Topaz Silver Tile Earrings


    Oval White Topaz Silver Tile Ring


    White Memphis Dot Band

    Alice cicolini White Memphis Dot Band


    Oval White Topaz Silver Tile Pendant Necklace
    Emerald Cut Aquamarine Silver Tile Ring
    Ruby Pavé Candy Band

    Alice cicolini Ruby Pavé Candy Band


    Black Diamond Pavé Candy Band


    Ruby Candy Stacking Ring

    Alice cicolini Ruby Candy Stacking Ring


    Black Memphis Dot Band

    Alice cicolini Black Memphis Dot Band


    Alice Cicolini High Sari Hessonite Garnet Ring Side


    Alice Cicolini Blue Spinel Lacquer Sari Mini Ring


    Alice Cicolini Sari Pink Tourmaline Hot Pink Lacquer Ring
    High Sari Marbled Enamel Brown Zircon Ring
    Sari Carnelian Laquer Enamel Ring


    Sari Chanderi Garnet Stacking Ring


    Sari Mankani Lacquer Enamel Hoop Earrings
    Jacobean White Topaz Solitaire Ring


    Jacobean Wisteria Band

    Alice cicolini Jacobean Wisteria Band


    Jacobean Chevron Band

    Alice cicolini Jacobean Chevron Band


    Jacobean Baroque Solitaire Stack


    White Topaz Candy Lacquer Striped Ring
    Tanzanite Candy Lacquer Ring - TWISTonline


    Memphis Lacquer Ruby Triangle Earrings - TWISTonline
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