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    SINGAPORE - Founded by jeweler Lin Ruiyin and industrial designer Afzal Imram, the label navigates the cusp of art and design, fusing contemporary approaches to design with traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by Mother Nature and where she meets science, State Property plays with structured silhouettes in precious metals juxtaposed against the soft textures of the body, offering subtle yet adventurous pieces for those with an appetite for both style and quality.

    Diamond Edessa Tennis Bracelet


    Sophie Tsavorite Enchantress Pendant Necklace
    Spade Warisan Petite Emerald Bracelet
    Sophie Tsavorite Enchantress Signet Ring
    State Property Parameswara Enchantress Ring


    Sophie Diamond Pendant Necklace


    Hedin Pendant Necklace

    State property Hedin Pendant Necklace


    Spade Warisan Diamond Signet Ring


    Drew Warisan Minor Diamond Pendant Necklace
    Sophie Diamond Pendant Drop Earrings


    Sophia Diamond Stud Earrings


    Edessa Epaulette Tsavorite Enchantress Ring
    Edessa Diamond Pendant Drop Earrings


    Drew Warisan Petite Diamond Bracelet
    Drew Warisan Minor Diamond Drop Earrings
    Diamond Borsh Hoop Earrings


    State Property Borsh Triple Pavé Pendant Necklace


    State Property Borsh Triplet Pavé Ring

    State property Borsh Triplet Pavé Ring


    State Property Borsh Bone White Earrings

    State property Borsh Bone White Earrings


    State Property Diamond Markeli Necklace

    State property Diamond Markeli Necklace


    State Property White Gold Diamond Markeli Minor Hoop Earrings
    State Property White Gold Borsh Minor Earrings


    State Property Diamond Hedin Jet Black Ring Side View


    Diamond Borsh Minor Hoop Earrings


    State Property Parameswara Bone White Hoop Earrings


    State Property Diamond Cabot Bone White Ring


    State Property Diamond Markeli Stud Earrings


    State Property Diamond Markeli Ring

    State property Diamond Markeli Ring


    Diamond Idris Ring

    State property Diamond Idris Ring


    State Property Parameswara Bone White Ring


    Opal and Diamond Alara Sunburst Signet Ring
    Drew Warisan Ring

    State property Drew Warisan Ring


    Diamond Marmara Stud Earrings


    Opal and Diamond Alara Sunburst Necklace
    Diamond Marmara Pendant Necklace


    Gold Marmara Stud Earrings


    Pearl Holmes Mutiara Earrings


    Black Enamel and Diamond Rinzo Earrings
    Diamond Nemara Stud Earrings


    Diamond Drew Signet Ring

    State property Diamond Drew Signet Ring


    Black Enamel and Diamond Tabei Earrings
    White Diamond and Black Enamel Idris Ring
    White Enamel and Diamond Idris Minor Hoop Earrings
    State Property Equinox Cadillac Diamond Ring


    State Property Diamond Batiste Ring

    State property Diamond Batiste Ring


    State Property Equinox Baguette Diamond Ring


    State Property Charles Eternity Band

    State property Charles Eternity Band


    State Property Charles Empire Ring

    State property Charles Empire Ring


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