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    Cece Jewelry

    LONDON - Cece Fein Hughes has created a collection of jewelry inspired by the history of art, specifically the journey of enamel. Cece pays homage to these ancient stories while interweaving her own style and love for fairy tales and old school tattoos by creating miniature canvases of artwork through her jewelery. Each piece is made by hand from recycled 18K yellow gold, hand engraved and then hand painted by one of London's most renowned enamellers.

    A Travellers Tale Ring

    Cece jewelry A Travellers Tale Ring


    Diamond Crescent Moon Ring


    Large Horseclip Chain Bracelet


    Ruby Wild Rosebud Ring

    Cece jewelry Ruby Wild Rosebud Ring


    Blue Sapphire Anchored Forever Ring
    Medium Horseclip Hoop Earrings


    Pink Sapphire Lover's Bow Ring


    Emerald Eternal Snake Ring


    Small Sweetheart Charm Pendant ONLY
    Large Sweetheart Charm Pendant ONLY
    Medium Sweetheart Charm Pendant ONLY
    Cece Jewelry The Aries Ring

    Cece jewelry The Aries Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Cancer Ring

    Cece jewelry The Cancer Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Capricorn Ring

    Cece jewelry The Capricorn Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Pisces Ring

    Cece jewelry The Pisces Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Taurus Ring

    Cece jewelry The Taurus Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Leo Ring

    Cece jewelry The Leo Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Scorpio Ring

    Cece jewelry The Scorpio Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Libra Ring

    Cece jewelry The Libra Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Sagittarius Ring

    Cece jewelry The Sagittarius Ring


    Cece Jewelry The Aquarius Ring

    Cece jewelry The Aquarius Ring


    Cece Jewelry Sweet Pea Hoop Earrings


    The Skull and Sword Signet Ring


    The Dove and Rose Pendant Necklace
    The Palm and Moon Signet Ring


    The Sun and Bee Pendant Necklace


    Cece Jewelry The Gemini Ring

    Cece jewelry The Gemini Ring


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