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Lena Skadegard

LONDON / NEW YORK - Traveling the globe and dividing her time between three continents, Lena Skadegard is inspired by the power of the earth's organic, raw treasures and the experiences she has within each culture she visits. Believing in the talismanic power of jewelry, she follows the story provided by the energy of her materials - each piece evocative of a particular place, history, faith and landscape - and hopes it is continued by the wearer.

The palette of her collections is rich and diverse, echoing the origins of the beads, stones and silks used to create the jewelry. Combine and layer, wrap and drape - allow each of the unpresuming necklaces and bracelets infuse their protective properties into your personal style.

Smoky Quartz, Kyanite and Pink Sapphire Bracelet zoom 1_lena_skadegard_quartz_sapphire_beaded_bracelet
Multi-Strand Sapphire Tassel Necklace zoom 1_lena_skadegard_sapphire_mult_strand_beaded_neckl

Lena skadegard

Multi-Strand Sapphire Tassel Necklace


Labradorite, Turquoise and Chrysoprase Tassel Bracelet  zoom 1_lena_skadegard_labradorite_turquoise_beaded_brac
Turquoise Tassel Bracelet zoom 1_lena_skadegard_turquoise_beaded_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Turquoise Tassel Bracelet


Multi-Strand Foam Jadeite Tassel Necklace zoom 1_lena_skadegard_jadeite_beaded_necklace
Peach Zircon Woven Tassel Bracelet zoom 1_lena_skadegard_brown_zircon_woven_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Peach Zircon Woven Tassel Bracelet


Multi-Strand Rainbow Moonstone Beaded Bracelet  zoom 1_lena_skadegard_moonstone_beaded_necklace
Turquoise Beaded Bracelet  zoom 1_lena_skadegard_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Turquoise Beaded Bracelet


Multi-Strand Mauve Garnet Tassel Necklace  zoom 1_lena_skadegard_mauve_garnet_beaded_necklace1
Rainbow Moonstone Tassel Bracelet  zoom 1_lena_skadegard_moonstone_beaded_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Rainbow Moonstone Tassel Bracelet


Blue Zircon Woven Tassel Bracelet  zoom 1_lena_skadegard_blue_zircon_woven_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Blue Zircon Woven Tassel Bracelet


Smoky Quartz and Turquoise Bead Necklace zoom 1_lena_skadegard_turquoise_smoky_quartz_beaded_nec

Lena skadegard

Smoky Quartz and Turquoise Bead Necklace


Tiny Amazonite Beaded Bracelet zoom 1_lena_skadegard_amazonite_tassel_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Tiny Amazonite Beaded Bracelet


Pearl Tassel Bracelet zoom 1_lena_skadegard_pearl_beaded_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Pearl Tassel Bracelet


Moss Aquamarine and Turquoise Beaded Necklace zoom 1_lena_skadegard_turquoise_moss_aquamarine_necklac
Emerald Tassel Bracelet zoom 1_lena_skadegard_raw_emerald_beaded_bracelet

Lena skadegard

Emerald Tassel Bracelet


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