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    RETROUVAI Jewelry 

    LOS ANGELES - Designed by Kirsty Stone, Retrouvaí fine jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles. Each finished piece is carefully constructed, imbued with the care of time-honored techniques. The name Retrouvaí (Reh-tro-v-eye) is derived from the French proverb ‘Retrovailles,’ defined as the joy of reconnecting with something from one’s past. This notion of wistful affection for time gone by speaks to Kirsty’s love of vintage treasures, but also to the idea that jewelry is passed down through the generations, picking up lifetimes of stories along the way.

    Grandfather Fantasy Owl Signet Necklace
    Retrouvai Turquoise Grandfather Clover Necklace
    Retrouvai Optimism Petite Talisman Necklace
    Retrouvai Karma Petite Talisman Necklace
    Retrouvai Nephrite Jade Mini Compass Necklace
    Retrouvai Double Sided Mini Yin Yang Bracelet
    Retrouvai Wisdom Petite Talisman Necklace
    Mini Gold Yin Yang Pendant Necklace
    Tiered Lion Fantasy Signet Ring
    Turquoise Mini Compass Stud Earrings
    Aquamarine Heirloom Bezel Ring
    Emerald Chrysoprase Lollipop Ring
    Flying Pig Fantasy Bracelet

    Flying Pig Fantasy Bracelet


    Optimism Talisman Signet Ring
    Individuality Talisman Signet Ring
    Wisdom Talisman Signet Ring

    Wisdom Talisman Signet Ring


    Truth Talisman Signet Ring

    Truth Talisman Signet Ring


    Karma Talisman Signet Ring

    Karma Talisman Signet Ring


    Turquoise and Diamond Yin Yang Ring
    Grandfather Fantasy Lion Signet Necklace
    Onyx and Diamond Mini Compass Studs
    Emerald and Nephrite Jade Lollipop Ring
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