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    NEW YORK - Jennifer Koche created Storrow out of a love of antique jewelry. Her inspiration came from her extensive searches to find heirloom pieces that were as unique and special as the ones that were passed down from her grandparents and mother. Jennifer's background as a fine jewelry buyer for luxury retailers combined with her love of vintage jewelry was the perfect platform for Storrow to be born. A charm heavy collection that celebrates nostalgia and a romantic Victorian aesthetic.

    Labradorite Sadie Charm Pendant ONLY
    Mixed Gem Elizabeth Charm Pendant ONLY
    5mm Japanese Akoya Pearl Howie Necklace
    Japanese Akoya Pearl Howie Necklace
    Turquoise Star Heart Charm ONLY
    Labradorite Soldier Charm ONLY
    Labradorite Pearl Emily Charm ONLY
    Turquoise Star Emmeline Charm ONLY
    Pearl Josephine Charm ONLY
    Malachite Figa Hand Flossie Charm ONLY
    Malachite Star Heart Charm ONLY
    Lapis Diamond Alana Heart Charm ONLY
    Lapis Pearl Emily Charm ONLY
    Gold Circle Bale Clip ONLY
    Gold Oval Bale Clip ONLY
    Pearl Birdie Charm Pendant ONLY
    Lapis Starburst Sadie Charm ONLY
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