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    Lunar Rain Jewelry

    VANCOUVER, BC - Lunar Rain was founded by designer Melissa Chen after she completed her Master's degree in painting from the Royal College of Art. The line has a clear inspiration from the natural world and a more subtle inspiration of Surrealism, Art Nouveau and Ancient Greek and Roman symbolism. Using sapphire, emerald, agate, and diamonds, each piece has been handcrafted in 18K yellow gold.

    Sand Dollar Ring

    Lunar rain Sand Dollar Ring


    Conch Ring

    Lunar rain Conch Ring


    Turban Sea Shell Ring


    Seahorse Ring

    Lunar rain Seahorse Ring


    Sea Turtle Ring

    Lunar rain Sea Turtle Ring


    Thin Red Spotted Snake Ring


    Red Striped Ouroboros Snake Ring
    Thin Blue Striped Snake Ring


    Blue Striped Ouroboros Snake Ring
    Lunar Rain Starfish Ring

    Lunar rain Starfish Kelp Ring


    Lunar Rain Baby Seal Band

    Lunar rain Baby Seal Band


    Lunar Rain Sea Shell Kelp Ring

    Lunar rain Sea Shell Kelp Ring


    Lunar Rain Salamander Band

    Lunar rain Salamander Band


    Lunar Rain Diamond Thin Seahorse Ring


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