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    Sia Taylor Jewelry 

    ENGLAND - With a detailed, sculptural approach to designing her jewelry, Sia Taylor draws inspiration from the infinitely tiny forms and organic irregularity of the natural world. Seeds, raindrops, grasses, and leaves reappear in a golden interpretation - celebrating the miniscule and macroscopic. Every element is hand crafted in her Somerset studio resulting in a understated collection where 'every piece has to have a soul; it's important the jewelry retains its slow, quiet beauty '. 

    Gold Daisy Earrings

    Sia taylor Gold Daisy Earrings


    Golden Meadow Necklace


    Short Meadow Earrings


    Short Grass Seeds Necklace


    Dandelion Arc Necklace


    Medium Grass Seeds Necklace


    Golden Meadow Cluster Earrings


    Golden Wings Necklace


    Small Golden Seeds Earrings


    Tiny Dandelion Arc Necklace


    Double Chain Grass Seeds Bracelet
    Golden Daisy Necklace


    Golden Seeds Earrings


    Little Meadow Necklace


    Tiny Wings Earrings

    Sia taylor Tiny Wings Earrings


    Golden Seeds Stud Earrings


    Golden Seeds Arc Necklace


    Golden Petals Earrings


    Tiny Golden Wings Necklace


    Golden Petals Arc Necklace


    Golden Wings Earrings


    Golden Meadow Earrings


    Tiny Daisy Earrings

    Sia taylor Tiny Daisy Earrings


    Long Grass Seeds Necklace


    Grass Seeds Earrings


    Long Daisy Earrings

    Sia taylor Long Daisy Earrings


    Tiny Meadow Necklace


    Sia Taylor Even Dots Bracelet

    Sia taylor Even Dots Bracelet


    Gold Even Dots Necklace


    Sia Taylor Gold Evenly Dotted Bracelet


    Sia Taylor Gold Scattered Leaf Necklace


    Sia Taylor Gold Long Falling Leaf Earrings
    Sia Taylor Yellow Gold Hummingbird Cluster Earrings
    Rainbow Small Hummingbird Earrings
    Golden Hummingbird Bracelet


    Sia Taylor Rainbow Hummingbird Cluster Earrings
    Gold and Platinum Plume Necklace
    Rainbow Hummingbird Necklace


    Golden Hummingbird Arc Necklace
    Golden Hummingbird Necklace


    Rainbow Gold Sunrise Arc Necklace
    Gold Six Strand Falling Dust Earrings
    Large Rainbow Gold Faceted Band
    Yellow Gold Dot Cluster Earrings - TWISTonline
    Sia Taylor Rainbow Gold Leaf Arc Necklace


    Golden Flutter Hoop Earrings


    Gold Long Dot Necklace


    Sia Taylor Golden Plume Earrings


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