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    Superstitions give meaning to the random nature of luck and put us in the driving seat of our destiny. Carry a piece of luck around with you where ever you go with the pieces in this edit!

    Carved Labradorite Talisman Pendant Necklace
    Knock on Wood Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Knock on Wood Locket Necklace


    All Seeing Eye Signet Ring


    Baby Blue Evil Eye Resin Beaded Bracelet
    Diamond Eye of Horus Stud Earrings
    Diamond Lucky Number Seven SINGLE Stud Earring
    Evil Eye Universum Medallion Signet Ring
    Black Resin Diamond Horseshoe Charm ONLY
    Celine Daoust Pink Spinel Evil Eye Crown Pendant Necklace
    Storrow Turquoise Holly Horseshoe Charm ONLY
    Foundrae Green Protection Tenet Heart Beat ONLY
    Brent Neale Carnelian Believe Mini Signet Ring
    Celine Daoust Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
    Fiat Lux Black Inverted Diamond Third Eye Ring
    Celine Daoust Tanzanite and Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet
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