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    Isabel Borland Jewelry

    TEXAS - Isabel Borland explores organic, balanced, essential forms, and the beauty and flexibility of precious metals and natural gemstones. She takes a minimalist approach and her design process is largely reductive, stripping away any details that feel superfluous or redundant. The line is all hand-carved and hand-finished, and she embraces the delicate marks, textures and irregularities that make each piece unique - designed to stand alone or to be layered and collected over time, mixing metals, patinas and gems.

    His Perfect Thin Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland His Perfect Thin Band


    Minimal Men's Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland Minimal Men's Band


    Men's Flattened Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland Men's Flattened Band


    Men's Classic Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland Men's Classic Band


    Silvery Rose Cut Diamond Solitaire - TWISTonline


    His Perfect Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland His Perfect Band


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