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    Daniela Villegas Jewelry

    LOS ANGLES - Born and raised in Mexico City, designer Daniela Villegas is a self described maximalist with a love of color and nature. Each of her innovative pieces of art is handcrafted in Los Angeles and has a deep symbolism. Her designs are instantly recognizable and collected by people all around the world for their one-of-a-kind details.


    Oye Mi Canto Earrings

    Daniela villegas Oye Mi Canto Earrings


    El Novio Ring

    Daniela villegas El Novio Ring


    The Fawn Necklace

    Daniela villegas The Fawn Necklace


    Quetzalcoatl Necklace

    Daniela villegas Quetzalcoatl Necklace


    Thoth Ring

    Daniela villegas Thoth Ring


    Baby Chameleon Ring

    Daniela villegas Baby Chameleon Ring


    Tourmaline Flower Khepri Ring


    Emerald and Burgundy Sapphire Khepri Ring
    Patecatl Ring

    Daniela villegas Patecatl Ring


    Orange and Blue Sapphire Khepri Ring


    Validus Necklace

    Daniela villegas Validus Necklace


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