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    WHITE/SPACE Jewelry 

    LOS ANGELES - A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Khadijah Fulton spent a decade designing for some of the most recognizable names in fashion. After becoming a mother, Khadijah found that she wanted to create items that honored a confident, subtle interpretation of style - approachable yet distinct, with versatility and longevity. Khadijah works with small manufacturers and individual artisans in downtown LA to produce the collection.

    Pearl and Diamond Cloudbar Earrings
    Mini Pearl Cloudbar Earrings


    Gray Baroque Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings
    Mini Diamond Andromeda Stud Earrings
    Andromeda Diamond Stud Earrings
    Diamond Andromeda Swing Earrings
    Akoya Baroque Pearl Earrings


    Akoya Baroque Pearl Earrings


    Baby Pearl Lagniappe Stud Earrings
    Baby Baroque Pearl Threader Earrings
    Pearl Cloudbar Earrings


    Pearl Pilla Stud Earrings


    Long Japanese Pearl Pebble Necklace
    Pearl Swing Earrings

    White/space Pearl Swing Earrings


    Diamond Linea Threader Earrings
    White/Space Double Baroque Pearl Necklace


    Diamond and Pearl Baby Baroque Necklace
    Triple Pearl Scarpa Earrings


    Diamond Moreau Seed Pearl Necklace
    Divina Pearl Cross Necklace


    Diamond and Triple Pearl Scarpa Earrings
    Gray Akoya Baroque Pearl Earrings
    Andromeda Diamond Stick Earrings
    Esme Illusion Loop Earrings


    Andromeda Diamond Hook Earrings
    Pearl Lagniappe Drop Earrings
    Continuity Pear Diamond Ring


    Andromeda Diamond Curves Earrings
    2.2mm Diamond Curve Band


    1.8mm Diamond Curve Band


    Curved Stacker Band

    White/space Curved Stacker Band


    Large Diamond Scarpa Earrings
    Pila Double Pearl Necklace


    Japanese Pebble Bracelet


    Pearl Continuity Necklace


    Japanese Pebble Pearl Necklace
    Diamond and Pearl Mini Cloudbar Earrings
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