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    LONDON - Born and raised in a small coastal Scottish town, Fraser studied Silversmithing and Jewelry at the Glasgow School of Art and went on to gain his Masters at the Royal College of Art, London. Fraser found studying jewelry and silversmithing would enable him to create items whose construction may bewilder most people. With a mindset for the cinematic, he set about achieving finely detailed craft skills. After an exchange to Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelery, Tokyo, he progressed to regard the jewelry he was making as if it were already operating on a grander scale leading him to treat the body as a landscape.

    Fraser Hamilton Pink Tourmaline Dome Pendant Necklace


    Fraser Hamilton Princess Cut Sapphire Buoy Pendant Necklace
    Fraser Hamilton Gold Woven Ring

    Fraser hamilton Gold Woven Ring


    Fraser Hamilton Gold Warp Woven Band

    Fraser hamilton Gold Warp Woven Band


    Fraser Hamilton Raw Ruby Capston/Stretcher Pendant Necklace
    Diamond Band

    Fraser hamilton Diamond Band


    Ruby Crux Ring

    Fraser hamilton Ruby Crux Ring


    Sapphire Carriage Pendant Necklace


    Yellow Sapphire Honey Hand Pendant Necklace
    Bi-Color Sapphire Aoraki Ring


    Bi-Color Sapphire Astilbe Ring


    Teal Sapphire Saxe Pendant Necklace


    Blue Sapphire Wawe Ring

    Fraser hamilton Blue Sapphire Wawe Ring


    Bi-Color Sapphire Saturate Ring


    Pale Pink Sapphire Orchid Ring


    Teardrop Sapphire Oro Ring

    Fraser hamilton Teardrop Sapphire Oro Ring


    Pink Sapphire Punch Ring

    Fraser hamilton Pink Sapphire Punch Ring


    Gray Green Sapphire Hand Pendant Necklace
    Golden Sapphire Harness Ring


    Sapphire Convey Ring

    Fraser hamilton Sapphire Convey Ring


    Red Sapphire Porfirio Pendant Necklace
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