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    New York - Drawing inspiration from the natural landscapes and vibrant textiles that colored her travels, Sara Freedenfeld, set out to create a line of jewelry that delicately unites the natural simplicity of handcrafted artistry with the sophistication and glamour of high fashion. "I am very inspired by textiles, and many of my pieces have a fabric-like sensibility, which I create by intricately weaving chains and stones to create rich textures. Every piece is handcrafted by me and my small team in our NYC studio. The name 'Amali' comes from her bold, confident grandmother who embodies the spirit of the brand.

    Pearl Woven Station Bracelet
    Emerald Textile Bracelet
    Gray Diamond Woven Earrings - TWISTonline
    Long Pearl Textile Earrings - TWISTonline
    London Blue Topaz Textile Necklace - TWISTonline
    Blue Topaz Textile Earrings - TWISTonline
    Peach Spinel Textile Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Long Diamond Earrings - TWISTonline


    Long Diamond Earrings


    Champagne Diamond Textile Necklace - TWISTonline
    Gray Diamond Woven Station Necklace - TWISTonline
    Tanzanite Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    Oval Tanzanite Ring - TWISTonline


    Oval Tanzanite Ring


    Morganite Ring - TWISTonline


    Morganite Ring


    Ethiopian Opal Ring - TWISTonline


    Ethiopian Opal Ring


    Ethiopian Opal Earrings - TWISTonline
    Woven Turquoise Drop Earrings - TWISTonline
    Turquoise Textile Necklace - TWISTonline
    Diamond Draped Turquoise Earrings - TWISTonline
    Watermelon Tourmaline Ring - TWISTonline
    Mixed Tourmaline Textile Necklace - TWISTonline
    Black Diamond Station Necklace - TWISTonline
    Oval Opal Ring - TWISTonline


    Oval Opal Ring


    Long White Pearl Woven Necklace - TWISTonline
    Pearl Textile Earrings - TWISTonline
    Rainbow Moonstone Ring - TWISTonline


    Rainbow Moonstone Ring


    Moonstone Textile Necklace - TWISTonline
    Turquoise Textile Station Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Long Turquoise Textile Necklace - TWISTonline
    Turquoise Textile Stud Earring - TWISTonline
    Turquoise Pendant Necklace - TWISTonline
    Graduated Opal Textile Earrings - TWISTonline
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