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    ANITA KO Jewelry

    LOS ANGELES – Internationally renowned, award-winning jewelry designer Anita Ko creates luxury pieces for the modern woman that give a distinctive twist to contemporary style. Anita Ko specializes in aspirational fine jewelry that's perfectly wearable throughout your day, from a meeting at the office to an evening at the theater. The femininity and unmatched sophistication of Anita Ko jewelry is much beloved by a wide audience, including some of the most accomplished, chic women of our times. Anita Ko has rightly earned international praise for her attention to detail and expert handling of diamonds and precious gemstones.

    Double Row Diamond Huggie Hoops - TWISTonline
    Long Diamond Chain Link Earrings
    Anita Ko Diamond Violet Stud Earrings
    Anita Ko Bobbi Round Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings
    Diamond Link Hepburn Necklace
    Anita Ko Diamond Maya Drop Earrings
    Anita ko

    Diamond Maya Drop Earrings


    Baguette Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings
    Anita Ko Round Diamond Cuban Link Hoop Earrings Side View
    Anita Ko Diamond Hepburn Choker Necklace
    Anita Ko White Gold Baguette Palm Leaf Bracelet
    Anita Ko Marquise Diamond Huggie Hoop
    Anita Ko White Gold Small Palm Leaf Diamond Studs
    Anita Ko Triple Row Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings
    Anita Ko Short Diamond Rope Earrings
    Anita ko

    Short Diamond Rope Earrings


    Anita Ko Gold Luna Necklace
    Anita ko

    Gold Luna Necklace


    Anita Ko Yellow Gold Baguette Palm Leaf Bracelet
    Anita Ko Round Diamond White Gold Chain bracelet
    Anita Ko Diamond 'V' Necklace
    Anita ko

    Diamond 'V' Necklace


    Anita Ko Diamond Pavé Chain Link Bracelet
    Anita Ko Lucky Pig Coin Lunar Zodiac Necklace
    Anita Ko Diamond Zoe Bracelet
    Anita ko

    Diamond Zoe Bracelet


    Anita Ko Pear Shaped Diamond Post Earrings
    Anita Ko Marquise Diamond Solitaire
    Anita ko

    Marquise Diamond Solitaire


    Anita Ko Asscher Cut Diamond Solitaire
    Anita Ko Short Diamond Cascade Earrings
    Anita Ko Small Graduated Diamond Necklace
    Anita Ko Yellow Gold Diamond Twiggy Necklace
    Diamond Baguette Tennis Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Diamond Sienna Huggie Earrings - TWISTonline
    Anita Ko Diamond Hepburn Bracelet
    Anita ko

    Diamond Hepburn Bracelet


    Anita Ko Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings
    Anita ko

    Diamond Stud Earrings


    Anita Ko Diamond Cuban Link Chain Necklace
    Anita Ko Round Diamond Cuban Chain Bracelet
    Anita Ko Diamond Daphne Pendant Necklace
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    Learn More about Anita Ko Jewelry


    Anita Ko, Luxury Jewelry Designer

    Internationally renowned, Anita Ko jewelry has a signature look of white diamonds, intentionally set to highlight their sparkle and maximize their brilliance. With a large celebrity following that backs her Los Angeles style collection, Anita Ko jewelry is often featured in top publications. Anita Ko launched her collection in 2006 with a focus on luxurious and modern pieces that have a strong design emphasis on layering. Anita Ko jewelry also produces bespoke designs and one-of-a-kind pieces for a select VIP client list.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Anita Ko Jewelry

    Explore more Anita Ko jewelry facts below with these questions that highlight some of the frequently discussed elements of jewelry by Anita Ko.

    Who Are Anita Ko Pieces Designed For?

    Anita Ko jewelry is designed for the modern woman who wants to wear diamonds every day. Above all else the Anita Ko woman loves the way that diamonds make her feel. Anita Ko pieces are high-end quality modern heirlooms but they are meant to be wearable, worn every day, mixed and matched with other pieces for an effortless personalized look. Jewelry by Anita Ko is designed for the woman who values versatility and wants a piece of jewelry that can be worn at the gym and transition seamlessly to a black tie event.       

    How Do you Layer Anita Ko Pieces?

    Layering jewelry by Anita Ko is second nature, as the entire collection was designed with layering possibilities in mind. The most important thing to remember when layering Anita Ko jewelry is to focus on different lengths and sizes of necklaces and to lean into the natural way that each piece falls and plays together on your neck, taking on a life of their own.

    What Are Some Signature Themes of Anita Ko’s Jewelry?

    Jewelry by Anita Ko focuses on the quality of the diamonds and stones, each diamond having gone through a triple vetting process to ensure they are up to Anita Ko standards. Signature themes seen throughout Anita Ko’s collection include graduating round, pear, marquise and heart cut diamonds and motifs such as palm leaves, lucky animals, flowers and bows.

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