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    One-of-a-Kind Designer Rings

    Multi Gem Super Couronnee Ring
    Multi-Gem Bague Jardin Ring
    Dorette Bague Croisee Ring


    Rose Cut Emerald and Diamond Band


    Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Evil Eye Ring
    Oval Copper in Quartz Ring


    Oval Australian Opal Ring


    Oval Cobalt Calcite Druzy Ring


    Asymmetrical Watermelon Tourmaline Ring
    Smooth Round Green Rutilated Quartz Ring
    Oval Kazakhstani Turquoise Ring


    Blue Indonesian Fossilized Opalized Wood Ring
    The Blue Lovers Cameo Ring

    Francesca villa The Blue Lovers Cameo Ring


    Blue Koala Ring

    Daniela villegas Blue Koala Ring


    Raw You Gray Diamond Ring


    Black Rutilated Quartz Flavie Ring
    Green Tourmaline Wildflower Ring


    Peruvian Opal Ellipse Engraved Ring


    Carved Smoky Quartz Birds in Nest Ring
    Carved Citrine Sunflower Ring


    Thoth Ring

    Daniela villegas Thoth Ring


    El Novio Ring

    Daniela villegas El Novio Ring


    Turquoise and Emerald Small Lollipop Ring
    Mexican Matrix Opal Egg Stacker Ring


    Faceted Aquamarine Ring

    Tenthousandthings Faceted Aquamarine Ring


    Cushion Cut Emerald Gaea Roz Ring
    Aguilla Ring

    Elird Aguilla Ring


    Maia Ring

    Elird Maia Ring


    ELIRD Painted Deer Ring


    Alrischa Ring


    Purple Twiggy Ring

    Francesca villa Purple Twiggy Ring


    ELIRD Sara Ring

    Elird Sara Ring


    Cathy Waterman Rustic Diamond Moderne Ring


    Polly Wales Ruby Confetti Skull Ring


    Polly Wales Blue Sapphire Confetti Skull Ring
    Polly Wales Rainbow Sapphire Confetti Skull Ring
    Amali Smooth Square Ethiopian Opal Ring
    Cathy Waterman Rose Cut Rustic Diamond Leaf Side Ring
    Jamie Joseph Oval Aghanite Ring Side View

    Jamie joseph Oval Aghanite Ring


    Brent Neale Green Tourmaline and Garnet Gypsy Ring
    ELIRD Gold Portal Ring Side View


    ELIRD Lighthouse Ring Side View


    Dorette Bague Super Couronnee Ring
    Uniform Object Champagne Diamond Dowry Ring Side View


    Sevan Bicakci Carved Rock Quartz Lady Bug Ring Side View


    Polly Wales Blossom Crush Kali River Skull Ring
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