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    One-of-a-Kind Designer Necklaces

    Vintage Mini Charm Necklace


    Rainbow Spun Sugar Necklace


    Rainbow Spun Sugar Necklace


    Diamond Slice and Dots Necklace


    Green and Blue Candy Gem Honed Bead Necklace
    Opal and Emerald Engraved Lock Necklace
    Carved Amethyst Peacock Padlock Pendant
    Sloth Luz Pendant Necklace

    Daniela villegas Sloth Luz Pendant Necklace


    Ruby Thorn Pendant ONLY

    Cathy waterman Ruby Thorn Pendant ONLY


    Boulder Opal Flower Overlay Charm Pendant ONLY
    Warm Toned Signature Peace Sign Necklace
    Blue Tone Signature Peace Sign Necklace
    Rainbow Mixed Gem Collage Necklace


    Fancy Diamond Flower Padlock Pendant
    Fancy Teardrop Diamond Padlock Pendant
    Quetzalcoatl Necklace

    Daniela villegas Quetzalcoatl Necklace


    Cool Toned Tutti Frutti Necklace


    Emerald Flower Overlay Charm Pendant ONLY
    Darius Mint Emerald Ziggurat Pendant ONLY
    Sevan Bicakci Carved Citrine Flower Padlock Pendant
    Mallary Marks Pastel Circus Parade Necklace


    Cathy Waterman Hand Painted Oso Berry Charm Pendant ONLY
    Diamond and Ruby Shield Padlock Pendant - TWISTonline
    Grainne Morton Vintage Cameo Multi Trinket Charm Necklace
    Grainne Morton Five Multi Vintage Trinket Charm Necklace
    Classic Pearl Charm Pendant ONLY
    Ten Thousand Things Madagascar Sapphire Pendant Necklace


    Amali Rainbow Gem Woven Textile Necklace Double
    Sevan Bicakci Carved Dove in Flight Padlock Pendant
    Sevan Bicakci Carved Green Amethyst Swan Padlock Pendant Side View
    Sevan Bicakci Carved Green Amethyst Peacock Padlock Pendant On Chain
    Sevan Bicakci Oval Emerald Padlock Pendant


    Emerald Oval Jubilee Necklace


    Multi Gem Spun Sugar Necklace


    Seven Wire Charm Necklace

    Grainne morton Seven Wire Charm Necklace


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