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    KLOTO Jewelry

    ISTANBUL – Kloto jewelry was founded by designer Senem Gençoğlu. Her family's Grand Bazaar culture and jewelry-making history influenced Senem from a very young age. This passion and family heritage of industrial design are present in every Kloto creation. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Senem had the chance to collaborate with world-famous designers in London, New York and Amsterdam as well as in her native Istanbul. Through these experiences, Senem acquired the expertise instrumental in creating her Kloto Jewelry collection. Each Kloto design is a culmination of artistic aesthetics, meaning and functionality.

    Kloto Silver and Gold Ray Necklace
    Kloto Gold and Silver Geo Ring
    Kloto Silver and Gold Lock Earrings
    Kloto Gold and Silver Stone Ring
    Kloto Silver and Gold Catch Necklace
    Kloto Gold and Silver Ray Hoop Earrings
    Kloto Gold Day Ring


    Kloto Silver and Gold Mass Necklace
    Kloto Gold and Silver Key Earrings
    Kloto Gold Vol Necklace


    Kloto Silver Ra Earrings


    Kloto Silver and Gold Ton Ring
    Kloto Diamond Eve Ring


    Kloto Silver and Gold Raya Earrings
    Kloto Silver Stone Ring


    Kloto Gold Dawn Ring


    Kloto Silver and Gold Lux Ring
    Kloto Diamond Dusk Ring


    Kloto Silver and Gold Nox Ring
    Kloto Silver Ton Ring


    Kloto Diamond Night Ring


    Kloto Gold Noon Ring


    Kloto Gold Origin Diamond Bracelet
    Kloto Veer Gold and Diamond Chain Bracelet
    Kloto Matte Gold Feel Hoop Earrings
    Kloto Silver and Gold Merge Chain Bracelet
    Kloto Diamond Snuggle Pendant Necklace
    Kloto Gold Veer Chain Bracelet
    Kloto Diamond Helix Earrings


    Kloto Gold Form Ring


    Kloto Gold and Diamond Curve Ring
    Kloto Gold and Silver Bolt Ring
    Gold and Silver Moment Earrings
    Silver and Gold Reform Ring
    Gold and Diamond Feel Hoop Earrings
    Gold and Silver Una Ring
    Gold Poise Earrings


    Gold Core Earrings


    Silver Ripple Ring


    Fluid Silver Ring


    Gold Bolt Bracelet


    Diamond Lucid Pendant Necklace
    Diamond Volution Ring


    Diamond Drop Ring


    Diamond Celestial Hoop Earrings
    Diamond Orbit Earrings


    Diamond Array Ring


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    Kloto Jewelry Designs Represents Interconnected Beauty

    Kloto Jewelry is all handmade in Istanbul. The designer jewelry by Kloto represents the interconnection of all people and reminds us to cherish all that surrounds us. Kloto rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets is designed to be passed down from generation to generation and worn as a reminder of our small place in the Universe.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Kloto Designs

    Learn more about designer jewelry by Kloto and browse our vast collection of pieces.

    What is the Inspiration Behind Kloto Jewelry?

    Senem Gençoğlu, who is the mastermind behind Kloto, was born and raised in a family whose history is steeped in the Grand Bazaar. Inspired by the vast cosmos and belief that all people need one another, Kloto jewelry designs are meant to be a physical way to convey our values to the world.

    How Do I Take Care of My Kloto Pieces?

    Kloto Jewelry should be taken off before going to sleep, taking a shower or going swimming. When not being worn it is best to keep your Kloto pieces in a soft pouch.

    What Materials Are Used in Kloto Jewelry Designs?

    Each piece of designer jewelry by Kloto is made with recycled sterling silver and gold. The diamonds used in her rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are ethically sourced in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

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