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    Jennie Kwon Jewelry

    LOS ANGELES – Jennie Kwon abandoned careers as a classical concert violinist and corporate attorney to pursue an abiding love of jewelry design. Focusing on her minimal, stunning and modern creations, Jennie Kwon designs jewelry that reflects the natural beauty, art and style that surround her daily. Each piece of Jennie Kwon jewelry is created with grace and balance but also with a sense that it must be suitable for everyday wear. Jennie Kwon effortlessly captures the beautiful nature of her inspirations. In a short time, Kwon jewelry has received the attention of such prestigious publications as Harper's Bazaar, Elle, InStyle, Lucky and Glamour.

    Diamond Fusion Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Steps To Me Ring


    Jennie Kwon Blue Sapphire Tile Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Nayara Ring

    Jennie kwon Diamond Nayara Ring


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Waltz Ring

    Jennie kwon Diamond Waltz Ring


    Jennie Kwon Ruby EC Ring

    Jennie kwon Ruby EC Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Baguette Crown Arch Ring
    Jennie Kwon Pink Sapphire Aria Stud Earrings
    Jennie Kwon Emerald Tile Necklace

    Jennie kwon Emerald Tile Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Blue Sapphire Bezel Equilibrium Cuff Ring
    Jennie Kwon Emerald EC Necklace

    Jennie kwon Emerald EC Necklace


    Ruby Bezel Equilibrium Cuff Ring
    Jennie Kwon Green Sapphire Aria Stud Earrings
    Jennie Kwon Blue Sapphire EC Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Pearl Dot Stud Earrings


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Fusion Half Eternity Ring
    Diamond Gaudi Arch Band


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Sprinkle Arch Ring


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Ripple Arch Ring


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Baguette Peak Equilibrium Ring
    Jennie Kwon Diamond Fusion Arch Ring


    Jennie Kwon Emerald Bezel Equilibrium Cuff Ring
    Jennie Kwon Ruby Mazurka Necklace
    Jennie Kwon Ruby Milestones Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Blue Sapphire Aria Pendant Necklace
    Jennie Kwon Emerald Petite Era Pendant Necklace
    Jennie Kwon Sapphire Mazurka Pendant Necklace
    Ruby Aria Pendant Necklace


    Jennie Kwon Ruby Aria Stud Earrings


    Jennie Kwon Blue Sapphire Milestones Pendant Necklace
    Jennie Kwon Pearl and Diamond Snowflake Ring
    Jennie Kwon Diamond Petite Era Pendant Necklace
    Jennie Kwon Diamond Garland Ring

    Jennie kwon Diamond Garland Ring


    Jennie Kwon Diamond Baguette Legato Ring


    Jennie Kwon Black Diamond Dim Ring


    East West Set Emerald Equilibrium Ring
    Ruby Milgrain Stud Earrings


    Ruby Gold Ball Stud Earrings


    Emerald Gold Ball Stud Earrings
    Baguette Diamond Hazel Ring


    Blue Sapphire Milgrain Stud Earrings
    Jennie Kwon 3 Rose Cut Diamond Mazurka Necklace
    Jennie Kwon Black Diamond Baguette Stud Earrings
    Jennie Kwon Oval Black Diamond Wisp Necklace
    Tiny Diamond Moon Drop Stud Earring
    Jennie Kwon Tiny Emerald Moon Drop Stud Earring
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    Learn More about Jennie Kwon Jewelry


    Jennie Kwon, Graceful Design

    Jennie Kwon Jewelry was born out of inspiration that came from Jennie Kwon raising her twins and the innocence she saw through their eyes. Jennie Kwon designs her jewelry to be delicate, incorporating graceful lines and focusing on balance. This collection of designer rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets is all about a minimal, small-scale aesthetic. Designed to be easy to wear every day, jewelry by Jennie Kwon is detailed on a small scale that lends itself perfectly to stacking and layering.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Jennie Kwon Jewelry

    Learn more about Jennie Kwon and browse our vast collection of pieces. No matter if you are looking for a piece to complete a ring stack or be the center of a proposal.

    What Is Jennie Kwon’s Relationship With Colorful Stones?

    Many of Jenny Kwon’s pieces incorporate colorful tiny gemstones, including, rubies, sapphires, opals and emeralds. Although Jennie Kwon admits diamonds are her favorite stone to work with she gets inspiration from colorful stones and appreciates designing with them on a small scale as opposed to a cocktail ring.

    What Is Milgrain And Why Does Jennie Kwon Use It In Her Pieces?

    Milgrain is a jewelry technique that incorporates tiny dots and indents of gold to create a look of beaded accents, usually used as a border. Often seen used in vintage wedding rings, Jennie Kwon highlights milgrain detail in many of her pieces giving them a romantic art deco vibe.

    What Makes Jennie Kwon’s Pieces Both Dainty and Durable?

    Since Jennie Kwon designs her dainty jewelry to be worn every day, durability is an important piece to the design and creation process. All jewelry by Jennie Kwon is handmade in Los Angeles out of  -drawn wire with detailed quality control processes. Jennie Kwon designs jewelry out of 14K yellow gold specifically for its strength and flexibility.

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