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    Nikolle Radi Jewelry

    NEW YORK - After spending his childhood in Croatia entranced by his father's jewelry making business and workshop, Nikolle Radi moved to New York to pursue his dream of creating jewelry. In war-torn Croatia, he would take apart grenades to see how they were made and make pendants from the small components. Now, fascinated by platinum, he creates intricate, almost physics-bending, patterns, designs, and open work which he incorporates into his signature collection.

    Platinum and Gold Cuff Bracelet


    Nikolle Radi Diamond Radiant Earrings


    Wide Platinum and Gold Cuff Bracelet
    Nikolle Radi Emerald Frame Earrings

    Nikolle radi Emerald Frame Earrings


    Green Tourmaline Frame Earrings


    Chrysoprase Lacy Earrings


    Champagne Diamond Pave Ring


    Two Quattros Cuff Bracelet


    Pink Amethyst Lacy Earrings


    Nikolle Radi Tanzanite Spiral Flower Earrings


    Nikolle Radi Pink Sapphire and Rock Crystal Drop Earrings
    Pink Tourmaline Stellation Fan Pendant Necklace
    Round Old Cut Diamond Circle Detail Ring
    Emerald Large Fan Earrings


    Nikolle Radi Oval Old European Cut Diamond Damask Ring Side View
    Round Old European Cut Diamond Flow W Ring
    Platinum and Gold Coil Band


    Men's Square Symbio Band


    Nikolle Radi Flow S Band

    Nikolle radi Flow S Band


    Nikolle Radi Flow II Band

    Nikolle radi Flow II Band


    Nikolle Radi Gold and Platinum Sun and Moon Men's Band
    Nikolle Radi Parallel Men's Sun and Moon Band


    Nikolle Radi Platinum and Gold Band

    Nikolle radi Platinum and Gold Band


    Men's Flow H Band with Gold Squares
    Diamond Tesselation Band


    Blue Topaz Cabochon Earrings


    Nikolle Radi Green Tourmaline Flower Pendant Necklace
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