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    Erika Winters Jewelry

    SEATTLE - Erika’s jewelry career began by serendipity in 2006, when her future husband proposed to her with a diamond engagement ring. The ring—and everything it symbolized—inspired her full immersion in the artistry, meaning, and science of jewelry. This new passion built on Erika’s lifelong curiosity about the art of adornment and her extensive background and career in dance, movement, and theatre. These art forms continue to inform her jewelry designs, as she draws an appreciation of delicate lines and movement from dance and an appreciation for the nuances of lighting—and the impact of a grand entrance—from theater.

    Margot Old Mine Cut Diamond Solitaire
    Gold Isabella Diamond Band
    Erika winters

    Gold Isabella Diamond Band


    Baguette Sapphire Isabella Band
    Erika winters

    Baguette Sapphire Isabella Band


    Mariana Bead Halo Diamond Solitiare
    Imogen Diamond Band - TWISTonline
    Erika winters

    Imogen Diamond Band


    Beveled Platinum Rose Band - TWISTonline
    Erika winters

    Beveled Platinum Rose Band


    Gold Diamond Helena Band - TWISTonline
    Erika winters

    Gold Diamond Helena Band


    Caroline Diamond Halo Solitaire - TWISTonline
    Erika winters

    Caroline Diamond Halo Solitaire


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