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The Designers Behind Our Fine Jewelry

There are currently over 100 curated fine jewelry designers who have partnered with TWISTonline to showcase their fashions. While each designer has a signature look all their own, they share a common passion: to create unique jewelry that will elevate your look and express what's in your heart.

Examples of our popular designer partners include:

  • Foundrae: Featuring symbols and tenets from a cross-section of history, Foundrae designer jewelry spotlights many cultures, eras and beliefs.
  • Anita Ko: Creating contemporary, luxury pieces, Anita Ko focuses on fine jewelry for the modern woman that makes an elegant statement both day and night.
  • Cathy Waterman: A beloved fashion jewelry designer who's been with TWIST for over 20 years, Cathy Waterman creates hand-finished pieces that possess a quiet, dreamy sophistication.