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    Prounis Jewelry 

    NEW YORK - Jean Prounis founded her eponymous jewelry collection in homage to her ancestry. Her great-grandfather was the co-proprietor of the Versailles, a nightclub in the 1940's Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC. Inspired by the resplendent finery of the time, her hand-wrought jewelry is created from recycled 22K gold and responsibly sourced precious and semi-precious gems.

    Melon Ring

    Prounis Melon Ring


    Twelve Sided Ode Ring


    Gold Ode Ring

    Prounis Gold Ode Ring


    Baby Bulla Stud Earrings
    Prounis Gold Linea Earrings


    South Sea Pearl Hoop Earrings
    Gray Diamond Granulated Stud Earrings
    Lion Pendant ONLY


    South Sea Pearl Baby Linea Earrings
    Diamond Laurel Ring - TWISTonline


    South Sea Pearl Charm Pendant ONLY
    Tahitian Pearl Baby Linea Earrings
    Gold Duo Band

    Prounis Gold Duo Band


    Tanzanite Fan Pendant ONLY
    Smooth Oval Emerald Pendant ONLY
    Blue Sapphire Roz Ring


    Small Pink Tourmaline Amphora Earrings
    Prounis Gold Osnapa Ring


    Prounis Gold Chorda Ring


    Prounis Emerald Rosette Souvenir Ring
    Emerald Roz Ring - TWISTonline


    Prounis Emerald Matalene Accent Bar Pin
    Duo Loop-In-Loop Chain Bracelet
    Emerald Baby Bulla Stud Earrings
    Five Stack Rattle Ring - TWISTonline


    Black Diamond Roz Ring


    Turquoise Roz Ring


    Granulated Turquoise Drop Earrings
    Ruby Ordo Pendant ONLY


    Small Diamond Bulla Hook Earrings
    Opaque Emerald Block Pendant ONLY
    Pileus Emerald Drop Earrings - TWISTonline
    Gold Trade Ring II - TWISTonline


    6mm Gold Vow Band - TWISTonline


    4mm Gold Vow Band - TWISTonline


    Laurel Hinged Hoop Earrings - TWISTonline
    Diamond Baby Bulla Stud Earrings
    Gold Bulla Band

    Prounis Gold Bulla Band


    Small Hinged Hoop Earrings
    Small Laurel Hoop Earrings - TWISTonline
    Solo Loop-in-Loop Chain Necklace - TWISTonline
    Hexa Stud Earrings - TWISTonline


    Fibula Clasp Solo Chain - TWISTonline


    Nona Cigar Band

    Prounis Nona Cigar Band


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    Learn More about Prounis Jewelry


    Legacy in Every Piece: The Timeless Craftsmanship of Prounis Jewelry

    Prounis Jewelry, established by Jean Prounis in New York in 2017, embodies a rich family heritage and a deep admiration for historical narratives. The brand reflects the designer's aspiration to extend the Prounis family legacy with designs inspired by her Greek ancestry and her great-grandparents' New York nightclub, the Versailles. This connection is more than historical; it's a through line of the familial and cultural narrative, reflected in the visual and material language of the jewelry.

    The Versailles nightclub, co-owned by Otto Prounis in the 1940s, was located opposite the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The club was a hub for the fashionable elite. The famous night spot was renowned for its distinctive ambiance, marked by custom silver, sage green silks, embroidered linens and hand-gouache menus. This old New York elegance and attention to detail resonate in the Prounis jewelry line, offering pieces that carry a story of glamorous yesteryears.​

    Prounis Jewelry: A Blend of Heritage and Craft

    Prounis is very selective about the materials chosen for her eponymous collection. Her jewelry is a testament to her craftsmanship, where every design is a piece of history that's destined to become an heirloom. Below are some of the elements that define Prounis jewelry:

    • Signature Recycled 22-Karat Gold: Each creation is sculpted in rich, high-purity gold, emphasizing sustainability and timeless beauty.
    • Sustainably Sourced Gemstones: Carefully selected for their brilliance and color, precious and semi-precious gemstones add vibrance to every piece they grace.
    • Responsibly Sourced Diamonds: Prounis diamonds are ethically sourced, ensuring each piece shines with integrity and splendor.

    Accolades for Prounis Jewelry

    Prounis Jewelry has garnered widespread acclaim for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique design philosophy. Celebrated for reviving ancient jewelry-making techniques and blending them with modern aesthetics, Prounis has been featured in prestigious fashion and lifestyle publications such as Vogue, W Magazine and Women's Wear Daily. Prounis' commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability has also earned recognition within the luxury jewelry sector.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Prounis Jewelry

    Below, we've answered some commonly asked questions about Prounis Jewelry. Please reach out with any additional queries.

    What Is a Prounis Roz Ring?

    A Prounis Roz ring is one of the designer's signature pieces. It features a prominent gemstone that's bezel-set in a hammered setting of 22K gold.

    Where Is Prounis Jewelry Made?

    All Prounis jewelry pieces are handcrafted in Manhattan's Jewelry District, New York City, reflecting the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, preserving the tradition of handmade jewelry in a modern context.

    Does Prounis Make Wedding Rings?

    Yes, TWISTonline offers a selection of Prounis Jewelry that includes wedding bands. Like all Prounis jewelry, these timeless rings are handcrafted in 22K gold.

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    Prounis Jewelry at TWIST

    Meet Jean Prounis, the founder and creative force behind Prounis Jewelry.

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