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    The Men's Edit

    Everyone deserves a nice piece of jewelry. This collection is the perfect edit of our bold, earthy, and modern jewelry. Even just one amazing piece will set him apart from the other guys.

    Labradorite Shield Cut Necklace


    Shamballa Jewels Black Onyx and White Gold Bead Bracelet


    Men's Flattened Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland Men's Flattened Band


    1/4 Black Gold SINGLE Rotating Hoop - TWISTonline
    Wedge Necklace

    Jill platner Wedge Necklace


    Kloto Silver Ton Ring


    Silver Nugget Studs

    Sarah mcguire Silver Nugget Studs


    FUTURA Men's Tenderness Band


    Duo Loop in Loop Chain - TWISTonline


    Mini Moss Dot Earrings - TWISTonline
    Ode of a Chaotic Heart Signet Ring
    Kloto Diamond Snuggle Pendant Necklace
    Fancy Diamond Dagger Bike Chain Bracelet
    Jill Platner Silver Semilla Pendant Necklace
    Nak Armstrong Nakard Pyrite Mini Tile Bracelet

    Nak armstrong nakard Men's Pyrite Mini Tile Bracelet


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