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    Tokyo - With its decisive and distinctive Japanese design aesthetic, Hirotaka has created a collection of jewelry inspired by the silhouettes and shapes found in nature distilled into their purest form. Minimal, modern, and effortlessly sophisticated, these designs are a perfect balance of shape and style.

    Diamond Toggle Chain SINGLE Earring
    Small Akoya Pearl Ear Cuff
    Akoya Pearl and Onyx Ear Cuff
    Four Pearl Beluga SINGLE Stud Earring
    Gossamer Diamond Ear Cuff
    Gold Hoop Ear Cuff


    Gold Hoop Ear Cuff


    Freshwater Caviar Pearl Ear Cuff
    Four Pearl Beluga Floating Earring
    Beluga Pearl Floating Earring
    Beluga Pearl SINGLE Stud Earring
    Long Gossamer Diamond Ring
    Manhattan Diamond SINGLE Earring
    Short Diamond Gossamer Bar Bracelet
    Diamond Industria Ring


    Diamond Industria Ring


    South Sea Pearl and Diamond Cuff Ring
    Akoya Pearl Bumble Bee SINGLE Earring
    Pearl and Diamond Bumble Bee Ear Cuff
    Large Gold Round Ear Cuff
    Gold Oval Dune Ear Cuff


    Gold Oval Dune Ear Cuff


    Gold Oblong Dune Ear Cuff
    Round Gold Dune Ear Cuff


    Round Gold Dune Ear Cuff


    Diamond Bow SINGLE Earring
    Bird of Paradise Arrow SINGLE Earring
    Bow Diamond SINGLE Earring
    Double Loops Ear Cuff


    Double Loops Ear Cuff


    White Topaz Bird of Paradise Ear Cuff
    Double Hoop SINGLE Earring
    Akoya Pearl Chain SINGLE Earring
    Diamond Gossamer Hoop Earrings
    Tribal Pearl Hoop Earrings
    Akoya Pearl Diamond Ear Cuff
    Large Cygnus SINGLE Hoop Earring
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