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    New York - Tara Maria combines her fascination with water and history of jewelry design in this collection. ONDYN has a strong sculptural identity the is inspired by the element that connects us all - water. With composition that is both sleek and elegant, ONDYN incorporates the gentle fluidity of water into its design to create jewelry that moves with you. Through combining technical ingenuity and a refined architectural aesthetic, ONDYN'S pieces drape like a second skin, taking shape on the body and sending diamonds in motion - manifesting the kinetic flow of the sea to create a new visual language for the elemental world.

    Large Zen Diamond Necklace
    Rainsun Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    Large Diamond Capri Ring
    Small Illumine Diamond Earrings
    Diamond Fringe Necklace
    Triple Row Avalon Diamond RIng
    Rainsun Diamond Tennis Necklace
    Triple Row Diamond Illumine Necklace
    Diamond Continuum Hoop Earrings
    Long Continuum Diamond Earrings
    Short Continuum Diamond Earrings
    Small Zen Diamond Necklace
    Diamond River Earrings


    Diamond River Earrings


    Diamond Delphina Necklace
    Medium Diamond Capri Band
    Diamond Wave Ola Baby Hoop Earrings
    Diamond Skinny Capri Band
    Diamond Crest Small Earrings
    Small Diamond Spiralis Necklaces
    Diamond Great Wave Stud Earrings
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