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    ONDYN Jewelry 

    NEW YORK - ONDYN jewelry Founder Tara Maria draws from her fascination with water and the history of jewelry design to create this collection. ONDYN has a strong sculptural identity inspired by water – the element that connects all of us. With a composition that is elegant and sleek, ONDYN jewelry envelops the gentle fluidity of water into its designs to form pieces that follows your every move. By combining a refined architectural aesthetic with technical ingenuity, ONDYN jewelry is able to drape like a second skin, taking shape on the body and putting diamonds into motion – replicating the kinetic ebb and flow of the sea and creating a visual language for the elemental earth.

    Triple Row Avalon Diamond Ring
    Rainsun Diamond Tennis Necklace
    Large Zen Diamond Necklace
    Double Row Lumiere Cuff Bracelet
    Small Zen Diamond Necklace
    Medium Diamond Capri Band
    Diamond Delphina Necklace
    Diamond Skinny Capri Band
    Single Row Lumiere Cuff Bracelet
    ONDYN Diamond Continuum Wrap Ring
    ONDYN Small Diamond Burst Stud Earrings
    ONDYN Grand Continuum Diamond Earrings
    ONDYN Diamond Mini Continuum Hoop Earrings
    Ondyn Honora Diamond Ring

    Honora Diamond Ring


    Ondyn Siren Diamond Ring

    Siren Diamond Ring


    Triple Row Diamond Illumine Necklace
    Rainsun Diamond Tennis Bracelet
    Diamond Odyssey Cuff Bracelet
    Sparkler Diamond Ring

    Sparkler Diamond Ring


    Baby Fringe Diamond Ring
    Diamond Spiralis Earrings
    Diamond Large Capri Ring
    Diamond Magisterial Cuff Bracelet
    Diamond Spiralis Ring

    Diamond Spiralis Ring


    Diamond Forte Earrings

    Diamond Forte Earrings


    Large Diamond Spiralis Necklace
    Diamond Sparkler Earrings
    Diamond Sparkler Necklace
    Diamond Continuum Hoop Earrings
    Long Continuum Diamond Earrings
    Short Continuum Diamond Earrings
    Diamond River Earrings

    Diamond River Earrings


    Diamond Fringe Necklace
    Small Diamond Spiralis Necklaces
    Diamond Crest Small Earrings
    Small Illumine Diamond Earrings
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    Ondyn Designer Jewelry, Inspired by Water

    Conceptualized to mimic the fluidness of water, Ondyn jewelry highlights articulated diamonds to create a small-scale architectural movement that gives each piece a personality far beyond the traditional and connects you and each piece to something greater – the flow and power of the sea. Combining inspiration from water and dance, Ondyn takes shape and draws heavily on slinky lines. Browse Ondyn pieces to ignite a curiosity of jewelry that changes shape and moves with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ondyn Jewelry

    Following are some of the questions we've received regarding designer jewelry by Ondyn. Please contact us if you'd like additional information about any of her earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets.

    What Are Articulated Diamonds?

    Articulated diamonds are the base for Ondyn’s signature look of movement. These are diamonds that are connected by tiny hinges which creates flexibility within each piece of Ondyn jewelry to allow it to move freely which maximizes the sparkle of the diamonds.

    Where Does The Name Ondyn Come From?

    The name for Ondyn jewelry comes from the word ‘undine’, a category of mythical beings that are associated with water.  

    What Quality of Diamonds Does Ondyn Designer Jewelry Use?

    Designer jewelry by Ondyn uses a minimum diamond quality of S1 / 1 in all her pieces.

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