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    Sarah McGuire Jewelry 

    CHICAGO - Inspired by her New England upbringing and summers spent in Cape Cod collecting beach finds, Sarah McGuire's aesthetic has also been informed by her fascination with organic objects, classic modernist design and manmade curiosities. Using recycled metals and high-karat gold combined with leather, fabric and other captivating materials, she and her small team of artists hand-fabricate each piece of her jewelry collection with meticulous attention to detail and quality. Sparce and ultra-contemporary, what she creates doesn't shout or clamor for attention, but instead whispers of distinctive style and modern sophistication.

    Sarah McGuire Nine Lives Pearl Necklace


    Small Paper Moon Necklace


    Sarah McGuire Echo Segment Necklace

    Sarah mcguire Echo Segment Necklace


    Sarah McGuire Thieves Pearl Necklace

    Sarah mcguire Thieves Pearl Necklace


    Sarah McGuire Mini Paper Moon Necklace

    Sarah mcguire Mini Paper Moon Necklace


    Mini Paper Heart Necklace


    Thin Bias Bracelet with Kelp Clasp
    Two-Tone Petite Wrought Links Bracelet
    Sarah McGuire Gold Paper Moon Necklace

    Sarah mcguire Gold Paper Moon Necklace


    Sarah McGuire Gold Parchment Teardrop Necklace
    Sarah McGuire Gold ID Bracelet

    Sarah mcguire Gold ID Bracelet


    Sarah McGuire Silver & Gold Baby Bowline Segment Necklace
    Large Oval Dome Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Large Oval Dome Earrings


    Sarah Mcguire 15mm Gilded Cuff Bracelet


    Sarah Mcguire Triple Drop Gold Graduated Waterfall Earrings
    Silver Astrid Diamond Earrings


    Diamond Ursa Major Earrings


    Sarah McGuire Diamond Petal Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Diamond Petal Earrings


    Sarah McGuire 15mm Aurora Cuff Bracelet


    Gilded Half Moon Earrings


    Bitsy Silver and Diamond Pendant Necklace
    Diamond Duo Pendant Necklace


    Sarah McGuire Hammered Lily Pad Earrings


    Sarah McGuire Gold Mod Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Gold Mod Earrings


    Sarah McGuire Two-Tone Mod Petal Earrings


    Diamond Bitsy Stud Earrings


    Sarah McGuire Small Petal Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Small Petal Earrings


    Aurora Cuff Bracelet

    Sarah mcguire Aurora Cuff Bracelet


    Sarah McGuire Small Diamond Bitsy Stud Earrings
    Two Tone Falling Leaves Earrings
    Sarah McGuire Silver and Gold Baby Beads Necklace
    Two-Tone Mod Oval Necklace


    Sarah Mcguire Two-Tone Mod Petal Necklace


    Two-Tone Mod Oval Earrings


    Gold Bias Hoop Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Gold Bias Hoop Earrings


    Luna Pendant Necklace

    Sarah mcguire Luna Pendant Necklace


    Falling Leaves Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Falling Leaves Earrings


    Sarah McGuire Lily Pad Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Lily Pad Earrings


    Sarah McGuire Narrow Double Cuff

    Sarah mcguire Narrow Double Cuff


    Aurora Cuff Bracelet

    Sarah mcguire Aurora Cuff Bracelet


    Silver Parchment Cuff Bracelet - TWISTonline


    Silver Luna Pendant Necklace


    Silver Nugget Studs

    Sarah mcguire Silver Nugget Studs


    Sarah McGuire Gold Nugget Stud Earrings


    Oxidized Shell Stud Earrings


    Silver Baby Mussel Stud Earrings
    Sarah McGuire Large Myrtle Earrings

    Sarah mcguire Large Myrtle Earrings


    Oxidized Silver and Gold Waterline Necklace
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