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    Uniform Object Jewelry 

    NEW YORK - Drawing inspiration from avant-garde aesthetic and artisinal practices, David Farrugia considers Uniform Object a space where he can allow his ideas to live unhindered. With an emphasis on process and stimulation, the brands first collection is a cross section of timeless elegance and harsh form.

    Pearl and Diamond Strawberry Pendant Necklace
    Diamond Dangling Cross Necklace


    Pavé Mixed Heavy Metal Necklace


    Mini Diamond Axle Earrings


    Diamond Gauge Ring

    Uniform object Diamond Gauge Ring


    Diamond Shard Huggie Hoop Earrings


    Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Reflection Necklace
    Diamond Cross Huggie Hoop Earrings


    Heavy Metal White Diamond Tennis Necklace
    Uniform Object Diamond Reflective Bracelet


    Uniform Object Emerald Tusk Huggie Hoops

    Uniform object Emerald Tusk Huggie Hoops


    Heavy Metal Chain Bracelet with Diamond Spur
    Uniform Object Double Sided Diamond Chain Necklace


    Marquise Diamond Tusk Huggie Hoop Earrings
    Diamond Axle Hoop Earrings


    Diamond Tusk Drop Earrings


    Uniform Object Mega Diamond Cuff Ring

    Uniform object Mega Diamond Cuff Ring


    Diamond Huggie Hoops

    Uniform object Diamond Huggie Hoops


    Tanzanite and Diamond Battery Ring


    Uniform Object Diamond Open Cuff Bracelet


    Uniform Object Diamond and Opal Vessel Pendant Necklace
    Uniform Object Champagne Diamond Dowry Ring Side View


    Emerald Modular Bracelet with Diamond Spur Clasp
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