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Sophie Hughes

Boston - Sophie Hughes collection is a rough-hewn, yet elegant, combination of recycled metals. Distinctively elegant, raw and refined, it has the perfect balance of masculine and feminine qualities with its strong design elements and earthy sophistication. "I'm inspired by the challenge of making jewelry that's totally wearable day in and day out ... simple, but interesting, comfortable and flattering."

Gold and Silver Tab Hoop Earrings zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_oxidized_silver_tab_hoop_earr

Sophie hughes

Gold and Silver Tab Hoop Earrings


Trapeze Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_oxidized_silver_trapeze_neckl

Sophie hughes

Trapeze Necklace


Gold Wrap Ring zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_wrap_ring

Sophie hughes

Gold Wrap Ring


Double Diamond Cuff zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_silver_diamond_open_bracelet

Sophie hughes

Double Diamond Cuff


Gold and Silver Talon Hoops zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_large_talon_earrings

Sophie hughes

Gold and Silver Talon Hoops


Gold Tri Hoop Earrings zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_tri_hoop_earrings

Sophie hughes

Gold Tri Hoop Earrings


Tiny Crescent Earrings zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_tiniest_crescent_earrings

Sophie hughes

Tiny Crescent Earrings


Tri Hoop Pendant Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_tri_hoop_necklace

Sophie hughes

Tri Hoop Pendant Necklace


Long Crescent Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_diamond_mini_sickle_necklace

Sophie hughes

Long Crescent Necklace


Tiny Horizontal Diamond Bar Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_diamond_horizontal_bar_neckla

Sophie hughes

Tiny Horizontal Diamond Bar Necklace


White Pearl Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_white_pearl_necklace

Sophie hughes

White Pearl Necklace


Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_crescent_moon_necklace

Sophie hughes

Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace


Diamond Dangle Hoop Earrings zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_diamond_dangle_hoop_earrings

Sophie hughes

Diamond Dangle Hoop Earrings


Diamond Rhombus Pendant Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_diamond_rhombus_necklace

Sophie hughes

Diamond Rhombus Pendant Necklace


Dot Cable Chain Necklace zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_dot_cable_chain_necklace

Sophie hughes

Dot Cable Chain Necklace


Diamond Dot Swing Hoop Earrings zoom 1_sophie_hughes_gold_diamond_dot_swing_earrings

Sophie hughes

Diamond Dot Swing Hoop Earrings


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