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Pat Flynn

NEW YORK - Combining forged steel with diamonds, gold and platinum, Pat Flynn has gone beyond the predictable goldsmithing techniques, pushing the envelope of jewelry design into a realm all its own. Unexpected elements come together under his meticulous craftsmanship to create jewelry with an unparalleled elegance. Featured frequently in magazines for his impeccable stone setting and metal-smithing talents, his jewelry is a fusion of contrasts which result in stunning, dramatic beauty.

Iron Dust Bracelet zoom 1

Pat flynn

Iron Dust Bracelet


Super Dust Iron Bracelet zoom 1_pat_flynn_iron_gold_dust_nail_bracelet

Pat flynn

Super Dust Iron Bracelet


Nail Bracelet with Diamond zoom 1

Pat flynn

Nail Bracelet with Diamond


Classic Nail Bracelet zoom 1

Pat flynn

Classic Nail Bracelet


9 Diamond Sprinkle Bracelet zoom 1

Pat flynn

9 Diamond Sprinkle Bracelet


Diamond Pavé Nail Head Iron Bracelet zoom 1_pat_flynn_pave_diamond_iron_nail_hinge_bracelet
Tapered Diamond Stripe Nail Bracelet zoom 1_pat_flynn_iron_palladium_diamond_nail_bracelet
Graduated Trifold Locking Cuff zoom 1

Pat flynn

Graduated Trifold Locking Cuff


Full Diamond Sprinkle Bracelet zoom 1_pat_flynn_iron_diamond_sprinkle_bracelet

Pat flynn

Full Diamond Sprinkle Bracelet


Textured Gold Band zoom 1

Pat flynn

Textured Gold Band


Men's Palladium Niello Band zoom 1_pat_flynn_palladium_niello_mens_ring

Pat flynn

Men's Palladium Niello Band


Iron Band zoom 1

Pat flynn

Iron Band


Diamond Stripe Ring  zoom 1_pat_flynn_gold_diamond_stripe_ring

Pat flynn

Diamond Stripe Ring


White Palladium Diamond Collar Iron Nail Bracelet  zoom 1_pat_flynn_diamond_palladium_white_collar_bracele
Men's Plain Nail Bracelet  zoom 1_pat_flynn_iron_gold_nail_bracelet

Pat flynn

Men's Plain Nail Bracelet


Niello Band zoom 1

Pat flynn

Niello Band


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