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    PARIS - Marie Lichtenberg chose to channel her experiences into her own creations following a 12-year stint as an editor for French Elle. Marie Lichtenberg jewelry is inspired by the craftsmanship of India and the jewelry designs of the French West Indies. Of particular interest is Marie Lichtenberg's collection of 18th Century-inspired charms and lockets, which uses 14-karat yellow gold, hand-engraved and set with precious gemstones and bright enamel strung onto colored sarees thread in accordance with the ancient Hindu prayer ritual of kautuka.

    Good Things Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Good Things Locket Necklace


    Love You to the Moon Scapular Necklace


    Home Box Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Home Box Locket Necklace


    I Love You Scapular Spinner Necklace


    Amour Toujours Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Amour Toujours Locket Necklace


    Diamond Candy Cane Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Diamond Candy Cane Necklace


    Classic Rosa Chain Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Classic Rosa Chain Necklace


    Green Baby Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Green Baby Locket Necklace


    Baby Blue Baby Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Baby Blue Baby Locket Necklace


    Baby Orange Baby Locket Necklace


    Baby Purple Baby Locket Necklace


    Marie Lichtenberg Blackened Baby Shining Star Locket Necklace
    Marie Lichtenberg Rainbow SINGLE Drop Earring

    Marie lichtenberg Rainbow SINGLE Drop Earring


    Believe Double Pendant Necklace


    Long Indian Chain Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Long Indian Chain Necklace


    Short Micro Rosa Chain Necklace


    Enamel Clouds and Lucky Star Locket Necklace
    Marie Lichtenberg Believe SINGLE Drop Earring

    Marie lichtenberg Believe SINGLE Drop Earring


    Marie Lichtenberg Diamond Heart Mini Scapular Ring


    Rainbow Star Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Rainbow Star Locket Necklace


    Marie Lichtenberg Small Heart SINGLE Earring

    Marie lichtenberg Small Heart SINGLE Earring


    Green Eye Will Protect You Forever Locket Necklace
    Bonheur Clover Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Bonheur Clover Locket Necklace


    Pink Mushroom Scapular Necklace


    Marie Lichtenberg Enamel Blunt Box Locket Necklace


    Mini Clover Ebony Scapular Necklace


    Mini Gold Scapular Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Mini Gold Scapular Necklace


    Marie Lichtenberg Bonheur Clover Medium Bracelet

    Marie lichtenberg Bonheur Clover Medium Bracelet


    Knock on Wood Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Knock on Wood Locket Necklace


    Blue Waterfall Locket Pendant Necklace


    Coco Locket Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Coco Locket Necklace


    Long Micro Rosa Chain Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Long Micro Rosa Chain Necklace


    Marie Lichtenberg Long Yellow and Black Mauli Ghana Beaded Necklace
    Marie Lichtenberg Short Yellow and Red Mauli Ghana Beaded Necklace
    Marie Lichtenberg Long Yellow and Red Mauli Ghana Beaded Necklace Wrapped Twice
    Marie Lichtenberg Long Mauli Pearl Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Long Mauli Pearl Necklace


    Marie Lichtenberg Small Mushroom SINGLE Earring

    Marie lichtenberg Small Mushroom SINGLE Earring


    Rose Gold Enamel Prayers Locket Necklace


    Jaune Diamond Heart Charm ONLY

    Marie lichtenberg Jaune Diamond Heart Charm ONLY


    Short Indian Chain Necklace

    Marie lichtenberg Short Indian Chain Necklace


    Diamond Love You to the Moon and Back


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    Learn More about Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry


    The Unforgettable Appeal of Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry

    When it comes to jewelry that epitomizes the ideal blend of timeless elegance and contemporary chic, Marie Lichtenberg stands in a league of her own. With each piece meticulously handcrafted to tell a story, this artisan's work transcends mere ornamentation — it's an emotional journey encapsulated in metal and stone. Marie Lichtenberg jewelry is infused with inspiration from global cultures, folk tales and heirloom-quality craftsmanship, beckoning you to discover the poetry of the everyday.

    Marie Lichtenberg's Symphony of Craftsmanship & Heritage

    Marie Lichtenberg stands apart as a beacon of artisanal dedication. Each piece is a testament to a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, involving numerous painstaking steps to achieve that signature look you won't find anywhere else. The attention to detail is evident, from delicate engraving to intricate lace-like motifs. Often incorporating vintage materials and ancient techniques, Marie Lichtenberg takes you on a journey through time, cultures and personal memories.

    Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry: The Signature Collections

    Marie Lichtenberg's love lockets seamlessly meld exquisite craftsmanship with emotional resonance. They're inspired by the Forçat chains rooted in her mother's Martiniquan heritage. Forçat hollow gold chains with their bold locket clasps are traditionally passed down through generations as symbols of emancipation in Creole culture. The chains were a gift from her mother that cemented Marie's belief in the emotive power of jewelry. Years later, a transformative trip to India enriched her designs with vibrant colors and ancient crafting techniques, evolving her initial inspiration into the sophisticated, globally-influenced line known today as Marie Lichtenberg Fine Jewelry.

    Here are some of the key pieces that showcase the brand's artistry:

    • Scapular Necklaces: Intricately designed 18kt gold pendants featuring cosmic symbols, playful motifs or ethereal patterns and decorated with diamonds.
    • Enchanted Lockets: Vintage-inspired lockets adorned with delicate filigree work, each one housing a world of memories in the form of small compartments or secret messages.
    • Bohemian Beaded Necklaces: Layering-friendly beaded necklaces made with a colorful mix of materials, perfect for capturing that free-spirited vibe.
    • Earrings: Single Marie Lichtenberg gold earrings create a stir wherever they go.
    • Heirloom Bracelets: Featuring hand-carved motifs and talismanic symbols.

    Media Recognition for Marie Lichtenberg Designs

    Lichtenberg won a 2023 Couture Design Award in the "Best in Innovative" category. Mari Additionally, Lichtenberg's originality has gotten attention in various media outlets, including such prestigious publications as National Jeweler, Jewelers' Circular Keystone (JCK) and Elle, to name a few.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry

    We've answered a few questions about Marie Lichtenberg jewelry below. Please get in touch with any other questions you may have.

    What Is the Style of Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry?

    Marie Lichtenberg's jewelry style is characterized by its avant-garde and eclectic nature. Her pieces often incorporate a mix of metals, gemstones, enamel and other unconventional materials, resulting in bold and visually striking designs.

    Where Does Marie Lichtenberg Design Her Jewelry?

    Marie Lichtenberg's creations are designed in Paris. Each piece is a modern heirloom, enriched with tales from faraway places, resulting in unique, intricately designed jewels made with love.

    Is Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry Ethically Produced?

    Marie Lichtenberg is known for her commitment to ethical practices in jewelry production. She typically sources materials responsibly and supports sustainable and fair-trade practices.

    Find Your Favorite Marie Lichtenberg Jewelry at TWIST

    Indulge in unparalleled elegance and creativity with Marie Lichtenberg jewelry, available to you from TWIST Online. Marie Lichtenberg's jewelry is a testament to artistic innovation and timeless craftsmanship. Explore the collection on TWIST Online today and experience the fusion of luxury and individuality.

    Marie Lichtenberg Is in Good Company: Explore Other Renowned Jewelry Designers at TWIST

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