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    Brooke Gregson Jewelry

    LOS ANGELES - Combining her passions of jewelry, textiles, astrology and precious stones, Brooke Gregson has created a statement-making collection of fine jewelry with a distinctive direction. With studios in both London and Los Angeles, Brooke designs and produces her Astrology and Hand-Woven Silk jewelry with a fluid, feminine aesthetic. Inspired at a young age by her father's extensive collection of fine jewelry, she began creating her pieces at an early age. As a consummate artist, textile designer and jeweler, Brooke is continually creating and experimenting with different organic material combinations.

    Rhodochrosite Shield Necklace


    Moonstone Shield Ring

    Brooke gregson Moonstone Shield Ring


    Fire Opal Shield Necklace

    Brooke gregson Fire Opal Shield Necklace


    Carved Opal Rose Stud Earrings


    Blue Sapphire Orbit Ring

    Brooke gregson Blue Sapphire Orbit Ring


    Blue Sapphire Shield Necklace


    Emerald Harmony Ring

    Brooke gregson Emerald Harmony Ring


    Pink Tourmaline Teardrop Shield Necklace
    Emerald and Diamond Harmony Ring


    Hexagonal Emerald Shield Ring


    Rainbow Candy Gem Honed Bead Necklace
    Enamel Butterfly and Diamond Bead Chain Necklace
    Opal and Emerald Engraved Lock Necklace
    Mandala Shield Engraved Diamond Ring


    Talisman Shield Sapphire Engraved Necklace
    Bauhaus Sapphire Garnet Diamond Ring


    Five Diamond Bezel Ring

    Brooke gregson Five Diamond Bezel Ring


    Geo Engraved Diamond Ring

    Brooke gregson Geo Engraved Diamond Ring


    Diamond Kite Ring

    Brooke gregson Diamond Kite Ring


    Green and Blue Candy Gem Honed Bead Necklace
    Engraved Starlight Opal Necklace


    Engraved Starlight Diamond Necklace


    Galaxy Engraved Diamond Ring


    Diamond Talisman Shield Ring


    Pyramid Kite Diamond Ring

    Brooke gregson Pyramid Kite Diamond Ring


    Gray Sapphire Orbit Necklace


    Peruvian Opal Ellipse Engraved Ring


    Triple Geo Diamond Ring

    Brooke gregson Triple Geo Diamond Ring


    Opal, Ruby and Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace
    Triple Diamond Geo Ring

    Brooke gregson Triple Diamond Geo Ring


    Diamond Key Ring

    Brooke gregson Diamond Key Ring


    Opal Ellipse Ring

    Brooke gregson Opal Ellipse Ring


    Opal, Diamond and Emerald Key Pendant Necklace
    Brooke Gregson Emerald and Diamond Key Pendant Necklace
    Brooke Gregson Aquamarine Shield Halo Ring


    Emerald Engraved Lock Pendant Necklace
    Peruvian Opal Heart Necklace


    Brooke Gregson Opal Heart Shield Pendant Necklace


    Brooke Gregson Geo Engraved Diamond Shield Pendant Necklace
    Brooke Gregson Geo Ellipse Wood Opal and Emerald Earrings
    Brooke Gregson Sunset Enamel Letter 'S' Pendant Necklace
    Brooke Gregson Double Heart Australian Opal Ring


    Brooke Gregson Pipe Opal Heart Ring

    Brooke gregson Pipe Opal Heart Ring


    Brooke Gregson Diamond Heart Engraved Pendant Necklace
    Brooke Gregson Boulder Opal Ellipse Ring

    Brooke gregson Boulder Opal Ellipse Ring


    Brooke Gregson Pink Tourmaline Butterfly Pendant Necklace
    Brooke Gregson Blue Sapphire Orbit Halo Ring


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    Learn More about Brooke Gregson Jewelry


    Embracing Nature's Narrative: The Essence of Brooke Gregson Jewelry

    Brooke Gregson Jewelry is a symphony of artistry and nature's elegance. With a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary sensibility, each piece tells a story of classic fashion. Brooke's commitment to organic beauty and intricate detailing manifests in her creations, echoing whispers of ancient civilizations, the mysteries of the cosmos and the, elemental rhythms of the Earth.

    As a testament to the admiration of Brooke Gregson Jewelry, her pieces have been featured in several respected publications, including Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK), National Jeweler and The Jewelry Magazine.

    The Ethereal Craftsmanship of Brooke Gregson

    Brooke Gregson weaves stories of the past and the mysteries of the universe into her designs, resulting in a collection that's as timeless as it is enchanting.

    • Rings: Delicately crafted Brooke Gregson rings are a celebration of nature and artistry combined. Each ring tells its own tale, from statement pieces with large gemstones to subtle bands etched with intricate patterns.
    • Necklaces & Pendants: Brooke Gregson necklaces range from simple chains with singular pendants to elaborate multi-stoned masterpieces. Each design captures the essence of the wearer's spirit, evoking the elegance of bygone eras and ethereal beauty.
    • Earrings: Whether they dangle gracefully or sit snugly against the ear, these earrings add a touch of magic to any ensemble. Their design, often echoing nature's forms, is a gentle reminder of the world's wonders.
    • Bracelets: Handcrafted with precision, Brooke Gregson bracelets are more than mere adornments. They're memories wrapped around the wrist, with each bead, stone or link symbolizing a moment, a dream or an emotion.

    Brooke Gregson's Captivating Gems

    A deep-seated reverence for the Earth's treasures lies in the realm of Brooke Gregson's designs. The gemstones she uses are chapters in the narrative of our planet's vast history. Handpicked for their intrinsic beauty and symbolic resonance, these gemstones are the heartbeat of her collections, reflecting nature's palette and the stories she yearns to tell. The Brooke Gregson Jewelry collection includes the following gemstones:

    • Diamond: Nature's hardest gemstone and symbol of enduring love, diamonds often accentuate Brooke Gregson's creations with a touch of sparkle.
    • Sapphire: The deep blues of sapphire are a beautiful reflection of the sea and sky.
    • Emerald: With its lush green shades, emerald beautifully evokes spring's rebirth.
    • Aquamarine: The calming blues of March's birthstone are reminiscent of tranquil waters and clear skies.
    • Opal: A dance of colors under light, opals captivate with their rainbow effect.
    • Ruby: Cousin to sapphire – which is also corundum – ruby features a deep crimson hue, hard composition and a storied history.
    • Tourmaline: With a spectrum that spans from the palest pinks to the deepest greens, tourmalines epitomize versatility and range.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Brooke Gregson Jewelry

    We sometimes get questions about our designer collections, including Brooke Gregson Jewelry. Some of these have been answered below. If you want to know more about this or any of our other designer collections, please get in touch.

    What Metals Does Brooke Gregson Use in Her Jewelry?

    For the most part, Brooke Gregson Jewelry is set in 18kt gold. However, she also has pieces crafted in 14kt gold or platinum.

    How Should I Care for My Brooke Gregson Jewelry?

    To maintain the original brilliance and beauty of your Brooke Gregson jewelry, it's advised to keep it away from harsh chemicals, avoid wearing it during strenuous activities and store it in a soft pouch or jewelry box. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth can also help retain its shine. For pieces with gemstones, it's best to consult with a jewelry professional for specific care recommendations.

    Can I Order a Piece of Brooke Gregson Jewelry I Saw on Another Website?

    In all likelihood, we'll be able to special order a piece of Brooke Gregson jewelry that we don't have on our site. Just get in touch and let's see how we can make that happen for you.

    Explore Brooke Gregson Jewelry at TWIST Online

    Dig into the enchanting world of Brooke Gregson Jewelry at TWIST Online. Each piece, a union of art and nature's raw beauty, waits to tell its unique tale. From ethereal gemstone pendants to handcrafted rings resonating with ancient stories, this collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and passion. Shop now and let the magic unfold!

    Discover More Designer Collections

    TWIST is pleased that Brooke Gregson has chosen us to showcase her talents. Other premier designers whose creations we carry include:

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    Polly Wales Jewelry: Merging her sculpting talents with a fondness for age-old casting techniques and exquisite craftsmanship, Polly Wales creates remarkable jewelry designs. With sapphires, rubies and diamonds set directly into lustrous gold, the resulting creations mirror naturally gem-laden formations or shimmering geodes unveiled. Her novel take on jewelry design has carved a fresh and thrilling niche in the realm of upscale jewelry craftsmanship.

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