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    Aliita Jewelry

    ITALY - Founded by Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, the name Aliita means "important object" in Wayuu, the native language of Guajiros whose ancestral lands are located in Zulia, Venezula, where Castiglioni grew up. Each piece is made in Italy using a stunning selection of natural stones in various cuts. It's a collection representing minimalism, fun, effortless beauty.

    Aliita Beach Umbrella NecklaceAliita Beach Umbrella Necklace
    Aliita Beach Chair Necklace


    Aliita Horshoe Necklace


    Aliita Brown Horse Necklace


    Aliita Cowboy Boot Necklace


    Aliita Parrot with Diamond Necklace
    Aliita Martini with Emerald Olive Bracelet
    Aliita Palm Tree Necklace


    Aliita Bunny Bracelet


    Aliita Miau with Diamond Necklace
    Aliita Unicorn Necklace


    Aliita Little Bone Necklace


    Aliita Key with Diamond Necklace
    Aliita Clover Necklace


    Mini Corazon Necklace


    Aliita Gelato Necklace


    Aliita Swimmer Necklace


    Aliita Bikini Swimmer Necklace
    Flotadora Burgundy Necklace
    White Roller Skate Necklace
    Golf Pelota Green Necklace
    Green Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Pink Mushroom Necklace
    Casita Brillante Necklace
    Red Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    White and Red L'Amanita Necklace
    Nadadora Blue Rayada Cord Bracelet
    Gato Necklace

    Aliita Gato Necklace


    Green Roller Skate Necklace
    Pink Enamel Conejito Perla Necklace
    Flotadora Pink Necklace
    Green and White L'Amanita Necklace
    Leon Zafiro Azul Necklace
    Cereza Necklace


    Conejito Perla Necklace
    Miau Necklace

    Aliita Miau Necklace


    Mini Corazon Brillante Necklace
    Flotadora Green Necklace
    Aliita White Horse Necklace


    Perrito Pelota Necklace
    Aliita Martini Diamond Necklace
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    Aliita Fine Jewelry

    Aliita jewelry is a brand celebrated for its understated elegance and playful charm. Founded by Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, Aliita presents a refreshing approach to fine jewelry that speaks to the modern woman's desire for pieces that are both chic and wearable. The brand's name, "Aliita," meaning "important and significant" in Wayuu (the indigenous language of the Guajira Peninsula in Venezuela), perfectly encapsulates the essence of every piece created.

    Aliita Minimalist Elegance

    The Aliita jewelry portfolio encompasses a wide array of pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Each piece showcases the brand's signature aesthetic of simplicity paired with unexpected details. Crafted from 9k gold and adorned with precious stones and diamonds, the collections often feature playful elements like miniature figurines, geometric shapes, and symbols inspired by nature and everyday objects. These motifs serve as a gentle reminder of the joys found in the simplicity and beauty of the world around us.

    Choosing Aliita jewelry means embracing a small piece of treasure that holds great significance. It's an invitation to celebrate the little things in life, to find beauty in the understated and to wear jewelry that feels both personal and profound. Whether you're drawn to the minimalist elegance, the playful designs, or the quality craftsmanship, Aliita jewelry creations are sure to add a unique and meaningful touch to your jewelry collection.

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