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    Aliita Jewelry

    ITALY - Founded by Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, the name Aliita means "important object" in Wayuu, the native language of Guajiros whose ancestral lands are located in Zulia, Venezula, where Castiglioni grew up. Each piece is made in Italy using a stunning selection of natural stones in various cuts. It's a collection representing minimalism, fun, effortless beauty.

    Blue Sky Tennis Cord Bracelet
    Flotadora Burgundy Necklace
    Conejito Perla Cord Bracelet
    White Roller Skate Necklace
    Perrito Cord Bracelet


    Tennis Pelota Pink Necklace
    Pink Tennis Racket Cord Bracelet
    Golf Pelota Green Necklace
    Perrito Pelota Necklace
    Casita Brillante Cord Bracelet
    Martini Esmerelda Necklace
    Martini Esmerelda Cord Bracelet
    Cocktail Necklace


    Green Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Cereza Necklace


    Red and White L'Amanita Necklace
    Pink Mushroom Necklace
    Miau Necklace

    Aliita Miau Necklace


    Casita Brillante Necklace
    Gato Cord Bracelet


    Red Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Tennis Pelota Sky Blue Necklace
    White and Red L'Amanita Necklace
    Bici Pistachio Green Necklace
    Nadadora Blue Rayada Cord Bracelet
    Gato Necklace

    Aliita Gato Necklace


    Estereo Blue Enamel Necklace
    Caramel Perrito Necklace
    Green Roller Skate Necklace
    Perrito Brillante Necklace
    Pink Enamel Conejito Perla Necklace
    Mini Corazon Brillante Necklace
    Flotadora Pink Necklace
    Nadadora Red Rayada Cord Bracelet
    Green and White L'Amanita Necklace
    Pink Conejito Perla Cord Bracelet
    Flotadora Green Necklace
    Leon Zafiro Cord Bracelet
    Leon Zafiro Azul Necklace
    Pink Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Miau Cord Bracelet


    Conejito Perla Necklace
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