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    Judy Geib Jewelry

    NEW YORK - To experience the works of Judy Geib, jewelry designer, is to witness an opal with an iridescence as deep as the ocean, emeralds as vibrant as dew on the grass and gold in patterns of intricate swirls that create a web of wistful flowers. The Judy Geib jewelry collection is sublime, unexpected and balanced between space and shape, form and material, vision and object. Each piece of Judy Geib jewelry comes together as it is created by what the designer calls "process design." The result is a humble, bohemian elegance embodied in a magical group of jewels.

    Purply Blue Opal and Amethyst Bracelet
    Herkimer Diamond Drop Earrings
    Oval Boulder Opal Bracelet


    Asymmetrical Ruby Echo Necklace
    Silver Gold Amorphous Earrings - TWISTonline
    Aquamarine Cabochon Echo Necklace
    Herkimer Diamond Ring


    Green Tourmaline Cabochon Echo Necklace
    Silver Polka Dot Chandelier Earrings
    Herkimer Diamond Chandelier Earrings
    Small Spirally Flower Earrings
    Silver Three Wheel Earirngs - TWISTonline
    Round Colombian Emerald Gold Drop Earrings
    Silver and Pink Tourmaline Shape Necklace
    Opal Wildflower Earrings


    Pink Tourmaline Bow Top Earrings
    Oval Colombian Emerald Earrings
    Square Colombian Emerald Bow Top Earrings
    Five Herkimer Diamond Chain Necklace
    Lovely Pale Pink Tourmaline Echo Necklace
    Light Colombian Emerald Echo Necklace
    Tea Length Gold Flowery Necklace
    Marquise Chalcedony Bow Top Earrings
    Cushion Cut Emerald Echo Necklace
    Pink Tourmaline Echo Necklace
    Silver Calligraphic Crazy Necklace
    Judy Geib Square Colombian Emerald Bow Top Earrings
    Judy Geib Sparkly Opal Double Drop Bow Earrings
    Judy Geib Squarish Colombian Emerald Ring
    Judy Geib Cabochon Chalcedony Tangled Top Earrings
    Judy Geib Bright Green Emerald Cabochon Earrings
    Judy Geib Pink Tourmaline Disc and Star Top Earrings
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    Judy Geib Jewelry Designs

    Judy Geib, jewelry designer, spent 20 years painting, drawing and creating objects until she decided to pursue jewelry design. Judy Geib jewelry reflects her free-spirited approach to design. She loves the excitement of a new idea, never sure what it will become. Hand-making is essential to Judy Geib earrings and all the jewelry she creates because the slow process allows ideas to form gradually, tumbling through the creative process, splintering off in unforeseen directions until they come together in new and exciting ways.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Judy Geib Jewelry

    Following are a few of the questions we've received about Judy Geib, jewelry designer.

    Where Does Judy Geib Get Her Emeralds?

    The bright emeralds featured in Judy Geib jewelry are hand-selected by the jeweler herself. Judy Geib travels to Colombia and Brazil to personally pick the most beautiful stones that spark her creative spirit and inspire her jewelry creations.

    Where Did Judy Geib Learn to Make Jewelry?

    Judy is a self-taught jewelry designer. She learned the mechanics of her trade by reading Jewelry Making for Schools, Tradesmen and Craftsmen, but her designs are purely original. She starts out with an idea for a piece of jewelry, but her vision evolves along the way. As Judy works and reworks her creation, it's often quite different from what she originally imagined.

    Are the Gemstones in Judy Geib Jewelry Treated?

    Judy Geib's gemstones are natural and untreated. They are not heated or irradiated to change their color – what you see are color gemstones the way nature intended. Many of Judy Geib's gemstones highlight inclusions, adding to the organic one-of-a-kind beauty of the stones. 

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