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    Non-Diamond Wedding Rings

    Non-traditional brides may decide non-diamond wedding rings are more to their liking. Lovely and timeless, these non-diamond designer wedding rings showcase colorful gemstone counterparts in various shades, styles and shapes. From the dreamy sophistication of Cathy Waterman to the grace and balance of Jennie Kwon, our designers have beautifully captured the joy of forever love in these non-diamond wedding rings for women.

    Aquamarine Laurel Band

    Cathy waterman Aquamarine Laurel Band


    Cathy Waterman Blue Sapphire Small Garland Ring


    Ceylon Blue Sapphire Circle Band


    Tanzanite Laurel Band

    Cathy waterman Tanzanite Laurel Band


    East West Set Emerald Equilibrium Ring
    Ruby Deco Ring

    Jennie kwon Ruby Deco Ring


    Antique French Diamond and Sapphire Marquise Ring
    Aquamarine Petal Side Ring


    Tanzanite Petal Side Ring

    Cathy waterman Tanzanite Petal Side Ring


    Pale Pink Sapphire Petal Side Ring


    Ceylon Blue Sapphire Petal Side Ring


    Cathy Waterman Brazilian Emerald Single Row Laurel Band
    Pink Peach Tourmaline and Diamond Shield Ring
    Aqua Montana Sapphire Rough Luxe Ring
    Pale Blue Montana Sapphire Ring


    Rhodolite Garnet Rough Luxe Ring


    Geometric Shield Montana Sapphire Cluster Ring
    Deep Blue Rough Luxe Montana Sapphire Ring
    Oval Montana Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring
    Jennie Kwon Blue Sapphire and Diamond Deco Ring
    Lilac Spinel Aphrodite Ring


    Ethiopian Emerald Aphrodite Ring


    Tanzanite Aphrodite Ring

    Cathy waterman Tanzanite Aphrodite Ring


    Peach Tourmaline Aphrodite Ring


    Platinum Magenta Sapphire Euro Band


    East West Set Ruby Equilibrium Ring
    Peach Tourmaline Marquise Leaf Ring


    Rebecca Overmann Elongated Light Blue Sapphire Ring


    Cathy Waterman Decagon Peach Tourmaline Moderne Ring
    Eva Fehren Kent Blue Sapphire Shield Ring


    Cathy Waterman Pink Sapphire Shield Ring

    Cathy waterman Pink Sapphire Shield Ring


    Cathy Waterman Emerald Marquise Leaf Ring


    Lilac Sapphire Leaf Side Ring


    Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Leaf Side Ring
    Ceylon Blue Sapphire Leaf Side Ring


    Cathy Waterman Oval Blue Sapphire Leaf Side Ring


    Ruth Tomlinson Blue Sapphire and Gray Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Ruth Tomlinson Sapphire and Diamond Granules Ring


    Cathy Waterman Indicolite Tourmaline Leafside Ring


    Cathy Waterman Ruby Single Row Laurel Band


    Artëmer Emerald and Baguette Diamond Ring
    Artëmer Vintage Blue Sapphire Solitaire
    Jennie Kwon Ruby and Diamond Poeme Ring


    Jennie Kwon Oval Emerald and Diamond Poeme Ring
    Jennie Kwon Pear Shaped Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring
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    Learn More about Non-Diamond Wedding Rings Jewelry


    Non-Diamond Wedding Rings for Women With Their Own Special Style

    A diamond ring isn't required to seal the deal. Many brides-to-be are opting for non-diamond wedding rings. For women who desire an unconventional symbol of their love, a colorful gemstone ring is a beautiful alternative. Our non-diamond designer wedding rings were created by several different artisans, each with their own special take on the look of love – so you needn't settle for just one style. Browse our entire selection of non-diamond wedding rings for women to find that one true ring – be it your favorite color or perhaps a sentimental reminder of a memory the two of you share.

    Vibrant Colors, Precious Metals & a Designer's Touch

    Each designer provides their own interpretation in creating rings that symbolize a lifetime of love and joy. These non-diamond designer wedding rings are fashioned with various precious and semi-precious gemstones and the finest quality metals:

    • Platinum: This precious metal is prized for its rarity, durability and stunning silver-white appearance. Platinum is often used in creating high-quality jewelry because it holds intricate designs and resists tarnish.
    • Karat Gold: When gold is mixed with other metals, such as copper or silver, to increase its strength and durability, the result is karat gold. The term "karat" is used to measure the purity of gold, with 24-karat gold being the purest form. Different karat values, such as 22K, 18K or 14K, indicate the percentage of gold present in the alloy. Karat gold jewelry is valued for its lustrous yellow shine and timeless appeal, making it a sought-after choice for non-diamond wedding rings.
    • Sapphire: This precious gemstone is famous for its rich blue color, although sapphires can be found in a range of hues, including pink, yellow and even colorless. They've long been associated with royalty and are considered a symbol of wisdom, nobility and loyalty.
    • Ruby: The "king of gemstones" has been cherished throughout history for its intense beauty and association with passion and power. Ruby jewelry, with its alluring red sparkle, exudes elegance and sophistication. Of course, red is the color of love, which makes rubies ideal non-diamond wedding rings.
    • Emerald: This stunning gemstone is cherished for its lush green color and captivating allure. The rich green hue of emeralds is often associated with nature and symbolizes vitality and new beginnings – meaning emeralds are the perfect symbol as you begin a new life together.
    • Aquamarine: As its name suggests, aquamarine resembles the clear blue waters of the sea and is prized for its delicate blue to greenish-blue hues. The tranquil color of aquamarine evokes a sense of calmness and harmony – thus, it's a lovely, serene choice for non-diamond designer wedding rings.
    • Tourmaline: This captivating gemstone comes in a wide array of colors, ranging from vibrant pink and green to mesmerizing blue and yellow. Tourmalines are cherished for their unique beauty and versatility, as they can display multiple colors within a single stone.
    • Tanzanite: Discovered in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite and is valued for its mesmerizing blue to violet-blue color.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Diamond Wedding Rings

    Have an inquiry about non-diamond wedding rings? We've answered a few of them here, but you're welcome to contact us if you'd like to know more.

    What Are Non-Diamond Designer Wedding Rings?

    Non-diamond designer wedding rings are crafted by our designer partners using gemstones other than diamonds as their focal point. These rings offer unique and alternative options for couples who want to express their personal style and preferences.

    Are Non-Diamond Wedding Bands as Durable as Diamond Rings?

    The gemstones used in non-diamond designer wedding bands are chosen for their durability and suitability for everyday wear. While diamonds are known for their exceptional hardness, other gems like sapphires and rubies are also highly durable and can withstand the test of time.

    Can Non-Diamond Wedding Rings for Women Be Worn as Engagement Rings?

    Yes, non-diamond wedding rings for women can be worn as engagement rings. Many couples embrace the beauty and individuality of these rings, creating a timeless symbol of their love and commitment. To complete the set, a plain gold wedding band may be added once the happy couple ties the knot.

    Celebrate Your Love With Non-Diamond Designer Wedding Rings From TWIST

    Non-diamond designer wedding rings offer a captivating and meaningful alternative to traditional diamond bands. With their exquisite design and colorful gemstone choices, these rings allow couples to express their individuality with a lasting symbol of their love and commitment. Whether you're drawn to the vibrant hues of sapphires or rubies, emerald's timeless allure or tourmaline's captivating charm, non-diamond designer wedding rings offer endless possibilities. Embrace the beauty of these exquisite gemstones and find the one you'll cherish forever.

    Meet Jewelry Designer Anito Ko

    Anita Ko is one of the talented artisans who create designer necklaces for TWIST. Hear Anita's story – or discover the backstory of many of our other world-famous jewelry designers.

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