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    PARIS - Celine Daoust is a trained goldsmith who's always been fascinated by gemstones. On her travels between Belgium, Paris and Jaipur, Celine has become fascinated by gray diamonds and various colors of tourmaline. Inspiration for the Celine Daoust jewelry collection comes from nature and the symbolic elements found in her gemstones. The designer describes her creative process as "where poetry meets refinement." Each piece in the Celine Daoust collection is designed using 14K yellow gold and ethically sourced gemstones.

    Celine Daoust Diamond and Moonstone Open Eye Bracelet
    Celine Daoust Diamond Moon Ring

    Celine daoust Diamond Moon Ring


    Celine Daoust Diamond Fringe Necklace

    Celine daoust Diamond Fringe Necklace


    Celine Daoust Emerald Articulated Bracelet


    Celine Daoust Tourmaline Moon Dots Ring


    Celine Daoust Rose Cut Emerald Chain Necklace


    Celine Daoust Marquise and Pencil Tourmaline Pendant Necklace
    Celine Daoust Moonstone Crescent Moon Stud Earrings
    Celine Daoust Ruby and Diamond Drops and Eye Hoop Earrings
    Celine Daoust Triangle Emerald and Diamond Earrings
    Celine Daoust Tourmaline and Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet
    Celine Daoust Ruby and Diamond Chain Earrings
    Celine Daoust Moonstone Dots Stud Earrings


    Tanzanite Pendant Necklace


    Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Evil Eye Ring
    Rainbow Sapphire Sun Bars Necklace


    Maya Tourmaline Bracelet

    Celine daoust Maya Tourmaline Bracelet


    Diamond Slice and Dots Necklace


    Celine Daoust 23 Rosecut Diamond Necklace

    Celine daoust Rosecut Diamond Necklace


    Celine Daoust Moonstone and Diamond Fringe Earrings
    Celine Daoust Oval Diamond Eye Ring

    Celine daoust Oval Diamond Eye Ring


    Celine Daoust Rosecut Diamond Prong Necklace


    Celine Daoust Multi Gemstone Beam Stud Earrings
    Celine Daoust Sun and Diamond Pendant Necklace


    Celine Daoust Diamond Sunbeams Pendant Necklace


    Celine Daoust Diamond Kate Eye Ring

    Celine daoust Diamond Kate Eye Ring


    Diamond Moon and Earth Stud Earrings
    Engraved Eye Nugget Pendant Necklace
    Tiny Evil Eye Charm Bracelet


    Baby Sun and Moon Pendant Necklace
    Sun and Open Crescent Pendant Necklace
    Mini Totem Evil Eye Fringe Pendant Necklace
    Tiny Diamond Eyes Open Ring


    Diamond North Star Necklace


    Celine Daoust Aquamarine Baby Totem Trylian Necklace
    Celine Daoust Tourmaline and Diamond Cloud Necklace
    Celine Daoust Rose Cut Diamond Lariat Necklace


    Celine Daoust Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
    Celine Daoust Pink Tourmaline Marquise Diamond Hoop Earrings
    Celine Daoust Babette Snake Charm Ring

    Celine daoust Babette Snake Charm Ring


    Celine Daoust Emerald and Diamond Eye Chain Hoop Earrings
    Geometric Diamond Huggie Earrings


    Diamond Eye Dream Maker Necklace


    Diamond Moon and Merkaba Stud Earrings
    Diamond North Star Chain Earrings


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    Learn More about Celine Daoust Jewelry


    Designer Jewelry by Celine Daoust

    Fusing symbolism, nature, and the universe, Celine Daoust pieces are rich with meaning and intricate detail. Each piece by Celine Daoust has a delicate, light and airy design to it that is contrasted with powerful meaning. There is an attention to detail in Celine Daoust jewelry that brings forward the personality and spirituality of each piece. Talismanic and sparkling, Celine Daoust jewelry seems almost from another era, something about it is so precious and sacred and tells a story reminiscent of travels between different cultures.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Celine Daoust Jewelry

    Dive deeper into learning about Celine Daoust jewelry with the frequently asked questions below or browse her collection to become familiar with her tiny treasures.  

    Where Is Celine Daoust Jewelry Made?

    Celine Daoust travels to Jaipur to collaborate with Indian craftsmen to create her jewelry, each piece made by hand in 14K yellow gold. Designer jewelry by Celine Daoust relies on the close and personal relationship between her and each craftsmen, with the goal of highlighting ancestral Indian craftsmanship. Paris and Brussels are the main locations that Celine Daoust lives and designs each piece.

    What Stones Does Celine Daoust Use In Her Jewelry?

    Tourmalines and gray diamonds are Celine Daoust’s favorite stones to design her pieces around. Each piece of jewelry takes shape and changes in design when these stones with one-of-a-kind qualities are introduced, manifesting a sense of flexibility in the design process. Celine Daoust jewelry purposely highlights stones that are imperfect and vary in color and inclusions due to their unique beauty.

    Where Does Inspiration Come From for Celine Daoust Jewelry?

    Celine Daoust pulls inspiration from celestial motifs that can be seen throughout her pieces as well as the healing properties of stones, specifically tourmaline and gray diamonds. To highlight and enhance each stones power Celine Daoust engraved rays radiating outward from the stone.

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