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Noor Fares

LONDON - Growing up in a creative, British family, Noor Fares has always had a passion for jewelry and spent hours making her own creations in her aunt's atelier. Her schooling led her to studies in Art History which eventually inspired her interest in gems and fine jewelry. She received her GIA certification and began to design her own collection of stunning, minimal and modern jewelry with a sparse, architectural edge. Strong yet ethereal, this jewelry has a subtle, style-defining allure.

Anahata Matrix Emerald Pendant Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_matrix_emerald_anahata_necklace
Rutilated Quartz and Diamond Muladhara Bracelet zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_muladahara_bracelet
Sahasrara Amethyst Ring zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_amethyst_sahasrara_ring

Noor fares

Sahasrara Amethyst Ring


Svadhishthana Tiger's Eye Diamond Pendant Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_tigers_eye_svadhishthana_necklac
Sahasrara Amethyst Pendant Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_amethyst_sahasrara_necklace
Muladhara Garnet Pendant Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_garnet_muladhara_necklace

Noor fares

Muladhara Garnet Pendant Necklace


Ajna Opal and Chalcedony Pendant Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_chalcedony_opal_ajna_necklace
Crystal Labradorite Diamond Svadhisthana Ring zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_labradorite_svadhisthana_ring
Akasha Devi Signet Ring zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_akasha_devi_ring

Noor fares

Akasha Devi Signet Ring


Rose Quartz Opal and Diamond Anahata Ring zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_heart_anahata_ring
Lapis Sapphire and Diamond Vishuada Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_labis_vishuada_necklace
Agate and Diamond Vishuada Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_agate_vishuada_necklace
Sahasrara Amethyst and Diamond Pendant Necklace zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_sahasrara_necklace
Opal and Mother-of-Pearl Sri Yantra Amulet  zoom 1_noor_fares_gold_opal_mother_of_pearl_sri_yantra_
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