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    Designer Jewelry Bracelets

    From sublime designs by Judy Geib to uncaged gemstone creations of Persée, TWIST has designer jewelry bracelets, whatever their passion may be. Silver, gold and other metals are diamond-studded, gemstone-infused or beaded to create these popular designer bracelets. We also have designer bracelets for men in styles that complement a range of tastes from designers like Shamballa Jewels. Explore our collection of designer bracelets and find your Celine Daoust talisman bracelet or Moritz Glik Kaleidoscope Shaker bracelet – or choose from creations imagined by dozens of other artisans, each with a distinctive take on designer bracelets for women and men.

    Rainbow Beaded Gemstone Bracelet


    Rainbow Beaded Gemstone Bracelet


    Diamond Aegean Cuff Bracelet
    Scuba Trio Bangle Bracelet


    Nak Armstrong Nakard Rose of France Dot Tennis Bracelet

    Nak armstrong nakard Rose of France Dot Tennis Bracelet


    Sol Bracelet

    Kloto Sol Bracelet


    Drew Warisan Petite Diamond Bracelet
    Nak Armstrong Nakard Pearl Cabochon Dot Tennis Bracelet

    Nak armstrong nakard Pearl Cabochon Dot Tennis Bracelet


    Spade Warisan Petite Emerald Bracelet
    Margaret Solow Pink Tourmaline Beaded Bracelet


    Margaret Solow Peridot and Amethyst Beaded Bracelet
    Margaret Solow Blue Topaz and Amethyst Beaded Bracelet
    Margaret Solow Prehnite and Peridot Beaded Bracelet
    Margaret Solow Pink Tourmaline Beaded Bracelet


    Bike Chain Gold Fancy Diamond Clasp Bracelet
    Diamond Butterfly Bracelet


    Fancy Diamond Dagger Bike Chain Bracelet
    Pink Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Pink Conejito Perla Cord Bracelet
    Nadadora Red Rayada Cord Bracelet
    Pink Tennis Racket Cord Bracelet
    Nadadora Blue Rayada Cord Bracelet
    Miau Cord Bracelet


    Red Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Gato Cord Bracelet


    Leon Zafiro Cord Bracelet
    Green Mushroom Cord Bracelet
    Martini Esmerelda Cord Bracelet
    Casita Brillante Cord Bracelet
    Perrito Cord Bracelet


    Blue Sky Tennis Cord Bracelet
    Conejito Perla Cord Bracelet
    Lena Skadegard Blue Sapphire Beaded Bracelet


    Lena Skadegard Blue Sapphire Bracelet


    Lena Skadegard Amethyst Bracelet

    Lena skadegard Amethyst Beaded Bracelet


    Diamond Clique Tennis Bracelet
    Lena Skadegard Kyanite Crochet Tassel Bracelet
    Zoë Chicco Curb Chain Bracelet With Pave Diamond Links
    Bicolor Bond Bracelet

    Dries criel Bicolor Bond Bracelet


    Rectangular Opal Bracelet


    Zoë Chicco Diamond Toggle Bracelet


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    Designer Bracelets of Distinction

    Embrace the elegant appeal and versatile styling of our designer bracelets. Whatever your personal preference may be, you'll be delighted that you can buy bracelets online to complement your one-of-a-kind style. We're pleased to recognize and promote the talents of a whole host of world-renowned designers who've created distinctive handcrafted men's and women's bracelets. As you peruse our assortment, you may land on a favorite designer. Or perhaps you'd rather leave it to serendipity and discover bracelets in styles you didn't know existed. Wherever the muse takes you, we're confident you'll enjoy browsing among these breathtaking women's and men's designer bracelets.

    Much-Loved Designer Bracelets for Men & Women

    Our talented artisans produce designer bracelets for men and women in these styles:

    • Bangles: These exquisite bangle bracelets feature sleek lines and timeless designs, elevating any ensemble with a touch of refined sophistication.
    • Cuff Bracelets: Our captivating cuff designer bracelets merge contemporary style with architectural flair, creating an irresistible combination of modernity and grace.
    • Link Bracelets: Every jewelry wardrobe should include timeless link bracelets. These designer bracelets for women seamlessly combine classic elegance with a modern twist, adorning your wrist with a captivating symbol of refined taste and enduring beauty.
    • Beaded Bracelets: These designer bracelets for men and women effortlessly fuse color and texture. Beaded bracelets allow you to express your individuality with a stunning accessory that radiates joy and positivity.
    • Charm Bracelets: Find the emblem that speaks to your heart. Charm bracelets are meaningful and whimsical – and a wonderful way to share a secret symbol with someone you love.
    • Chain Bracelets: Embrace the allure of simplicity. Each of these designer bracelets is meticulously crafted to create a piece that effortlessly complements any outfit, from casual to formal.
    • One-of-a-Kind: Creating one-of-a-kind bracelets is a tall order, but these pieces do not disappoint. Immerse yourself in the realm of exclusivity with these handcrafted bracelets, each a testament to the exceptional.
    • Men's Bracelets: A bold expression of confidence and sophistication, men's bracelets effortlessly elevate your look with a touch of masculine refinement. Explore our designer bracelets for men. Buy online – or, if you're nearby, shop at our store to make your purchase.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Designer Bracelets for Women & Men

    Below we've answered some common questions about designer bracelets for women and men. Please reach out if you want to know more about our designers or their jewelry.

    What Sets Designer Bracelets Apart?

    Designer bracelets are distinguished by their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs and high-quality materials like gold, silver and gems, resulting in unique, statement-making pieces.

    Are Designer Bracelets for Men & Women Only Meant for Special Occasions?

    While some designer bracelets for men and women are ideal for formal events, many are created to be versatile, offering everyday elegance that can elevate any outfit, from casual to sophisticated.

    Are Designer Bracelets Suitable for Both Men and Women?

    Many designers create bracelets that cater to all genders, offering a diverse range of styles, materials and designs to suit individual preferences and personal styles.

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