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    Luis Morais Jewelry

    MIAMI - This ultra-modern, earthy jewelry collection began in 1998 in Miami Beach, Florida where jewelry designer Luis Morais saw a bracelet in a magazine that he could not locate to purchase, so he made a variant of it himself – DIY-style. The bracelet garnered enough compliments from friends and family that it warranted reproductions, and thus the line was born. After nearly ten years since the company’s formal inception, his collection continues to hold a spirit of personality and life; each piece is unique and handmade. With its casual, rock-and-roll vibe, it also conveys a playful style with a darker, wild side.

    Luis Morais Mixed Gem Beaded Bracelet
    Luis morais

    Mixed Gem Beaded Bracelet


    Luis Morais Turquoise and Lapis Beaded Bracelet
    Luis Morais Aventurine Good Luck Beaded Bracelet
    Luis Morais Mixed Gem Horus Eyes Charm Beaded Bracelet
    Luis Morais Mixed Gemstone Beaded Bracelet
    Luis Morais Small Link ID Bracelet
    Luis morais

    Small Link ID Bracelet


    Luis Morais Mixed Gem and Gold Beaded Bracelet
    Luis Morais Men's Lapis Good Luck Beaded Bracelet
    Navy Cord Hamsa Charm Bracelet
    Enameled Hamsa Blue Cord Charm Bracelet
    Evil Eye Blue Cord Charm Bracelet
    Rainbow Gem Beaded Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
    Hot Pink Enamel Lips Charm Bracelet
    Stargate Evil Eye Bead Bracelet
    Evil Eye Tiger's Eye Bead Bracelet
    Black Enamel Star Glass Bead Bracelet
    Lapis Bead Bracelet
    Luis morais

    Lapis Bead Bracelet


    Multicolor Chakra Bead Bracelet
    Rainbow Bead Evil Eye Charm Bracelet - TWISTonline
    Blue Sapphire Barrel Bracelet - TWISTonline
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