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About TWIST:

TWIST is the direct result of the deep connection owners Paul Schneider and Lauren Eulau have with the professional artist and designer. From their prior incarnations as a potter and weaver who sold their art for a living, to creating a visual landscape of finely curated designer jewelry, they have built an ever-changing collection of fine design and wearable art. The relationships they have with each individual artist and designer have become rich with sharing, regular interactions and mutual respect.

TWIST and TWISTonline live in Portland, Oregon where the vibrant, creative atmosphere has provided a home for industries such as NIKE, Adidas USA and the renowned ad firm Wieden + Kennedy. It is also the scenic canvas for one of America's most active farm to table food cultures, a cutting edge music scene and a well established and flourishing arts community. 

In 2018, owner Paul Schneider received the coveted Cindy Edelstein Award at COUTURE. The award is presented to the individual who demonstrates a long-standing dedication to the success of artist and designer jewelry. 

The Jewelers of America's GEM Awards honored TWIST with the Retail Innovation Award in 2020. TWIST was recognized for creating positive change in its bold, creative and innovative strategies in both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retail spaces.

In 2022 TWIST was inducted into the Retailer Hall of Fame by National Jeweler, recognizing jewelers that have made significant contributions to their communities and jewelry industry at large.