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Maria Tash

New York - Maria Tash has been a designer of fine jewelry ever since attending a jewelry design class with her mother years ago. After continuing her studies in London, she returned to New York to further her interest in jewelry and her inspiration from Indian and Pakistani designs. Considered an authority in the field of body piercing, her collection is a stunning balance of strength, edgy design, modern style and customer inspired creations.

6.5mm Spike Threaded Back SINGLE Stud zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_spike_threaded_stud_earring
5/16 Pearl and Diamond Coronet SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_diamond_pearl_coronet_hoop_earri"
7mm Flower Ball SINGLE Stud  zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_ball_flower_stud_earring

Maria tash

7mm Flower Ball SINGLE Stud


5.5mm Yellow Gold Ball SINGLE Stud zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_ball_stud_earring
5/16 White Gold Turquoise Eternity SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_white_gold_turquoise_eternity_hoop_ea"
5/16 Rose Gold Turquoise Eternity SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_rose_gold_turquoise_eternity_hoop_ear"
5/16 White Gold Opal Eternity SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_white_gold_opal_eternity_hoop_earring"
5/16 Rose Gold Opal Eternity SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_rose_gold_opal_eternity_hoop_earring"
5/16 White Gold Diamond Eternity SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_diamond_eternity_earring2"
1/4 Black Gold Diamond Eternity SINGLE Earring zoom 1_maria_tash_black_gold_diamond_eternity_earring"
Yellow Gold Star SINGLE Stud zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_tiny_star_stud_earring

Maria tash

Yellow Gold Star SINGLE Stud


5/16 Black Gold Opal Spike SINGLE Hoop zoom 1_maria_tash_black_gold_opal_spike_earring"
2.5mm Scalloped Set Diamond SINGLE Stud zoom 1_maria_tash_gold_diamond_scalloped_stud_earring
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