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    Milamore Jewelry

    NEW YORK / JAPAN - Milamore was founded in 2019 by CEO and Creative Director George Inaki Root, handcrafted in Japan and designed in New York. Milamore is about reinventing the stories from culture and nature through jewelry. This collection is designed to integrate and become a part of your story. These pieces are not gender specific and focus on inclusivity. Milamore is committed to creating high-quality fine jewelry, without compromising on our values – living boldly, respecting heritage and celebrating the very best craftsmanship that the world has to offer.

    Kintsugi EN Small Pearl Hoops
    Kintsugi Infinity Pearl Necklace
    Classic Duo Chain Necklace II
    Kintsugi Diamond Necklace


    Classic Duo Chain II Jr Bracelet
    Diamond Mini Kintsugi Necklace
    Keshi Pearl Choker Necklace


    Classic Pearl Duo Chain Bracelet
    Kintsugi Bracelet


    Milamore Kintsugi White Pearl Drop Earrings
    Gold Duo Chain VII Necklace


    Floating Diamond Self Love Ring
    Diamond Rabbit Charm Pendant ONLY
    Duo Chain VII Bracelet


    Blue Topaz and Diamond Duo Heart Necklace
    Pink Tourmaline Duo Heart Stud Earrings
    Mini Kintsugi Necklace


    Peridot Duo Heart Stud Earrings
    Classic Pearl Duo Chain Necklace
    Kintsugi Pearl Hoop Earrings
    Milamore Gold Duo Chain VI Necklace


    Milamore 2mm EN Ring

    Milamore 2mm EN Ring


    Milamore Kintsugi EN Pendant Necklace
    3mm EN Ring

    Milamore 3mm EN Ring


    Gold EN Open Diamond Ring


    Platinum EN Open Diamond Ring
    Milamore Diamond Braille Soulmate Ring
    Milamore Diamond The Snake Ring


    Kintsugi Diamond I Ring


    Marquise Diamond Kintsugi Ring
    Gold Kintsugi Ring


    Classic Duo IV Chain Necklace
    Initial Diamond Puzzle Piece Charm ONLY
    Kintsugi Float Diamond II Ring
    Kintsugi II Diamond Band


    Kintsugi Infinity Small Hoop Earrings
    Azuki Chain Necklace


    Kintsugi EN Pearl Pendant Necklace
    Kintsugi EN Pearl Stud Earrings
    Gold Duo Chain VII Necklace


    Milamore Kintsugi Diamond Vine Ring


    Milamore Kintsugi Vine Ring


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    Learn More about Milamore Jewelry


    Milamore Jewelry: Where East Meets West

    In every Milamore Jewelry creation, the vibrant energy of New York City merges with the delicate precision of Japanese artistry. Milamore crafts a narrative that pays homage to diverse traditions. Each piece tells a story of culture, blending contemporary aesthetics with time-honored techniques. Milamore Jewelry embraces a world where design and craftsmanship coexist in exquisite harmony.

    Influences Found in Milamore Jewelry

    The essence of Milamore jewelry lies in the storytelling abilities of George Inaki Root. Through his designs, Root shares his multicultural experiences, weaving tales of heritage and love into every Milamore piece. Named in memory of his grandmother, each jewelry item embodies her spirit of miracles and love. Inspirations for this collection include:

    • Kintsugi Collection: Influenced by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi – finding beauty in imperfection and embracing the flaws and history of an object. The term "kintsugi" translates to "golden joinery" or "golden repair" in Japanese. This art form traditionally involves repairing broken pottery or ceramics with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum.
    • EN Collection: "en" (縁) in Japanese refers to a concept of fate or connection between people, suggesting a bond or a meaningful relationship.
    • Infusion of Wabi-Sabi and Yin-Yang Philosophies: Wabi-sabi, rooted in Japanese Zen Buddhism, celebrates the beauty in imperfection, impermanence and simplicity, encouraging an appreciation for the flawed and transient aspects of life. Yin-yang, originating from ancient Chinese philosophy, represents the concept of dualism, illustrating how contrary forces may be complementary and interdependent in the natural world, balancing each other in a harmonious system.
    • Toi-et-moi: This jewelry term – French for "you and me" – refers to two gemstones set side by side or close to each other. The two stones often differ in size, shape or color, symbolizing the union of two unique individuals coming together in a relationship.

    Critical Acclaim for Milamore Jewelry

    Since its inception, Milamore Jewelry, under the visionary direction of George Inaki Root, has garnered significant acclaim in the fashion and jewelry world. The brand's commitment to quality and Root's philosophy of embracing imperfection and balance have not only captivated a global audience but also earned accolades from industry experts. Most recently, founder George Inaki Root has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Vogue and Esquire.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Milamore Jewelry

    Below, we've addressed a few commonly asked questions we've received about Milamore Jewelry. Please let us know if you'd like more information about this collection.

    How Does Milamore Contribute to Sustainability in Jewelry Making?

    Milamore is committed to sustainability in its jewelry-making process. They source top-tier materials, ensuring their atelier adheres to the highest ethical standards. In alignment with Japan's long standing practice, they primarily use recycled gold, focusing on 18-karat varieties, to minimize waste and environmental impact. Milamore artisans skillfully craft each piece individually in small batches, a method that emphasizes quality and significantly reduces resource usage compared to larger-scale productions. Additionally, they take great care in selecting their stones, ensuring they're both natural and sourced conflict-free, aligning with their dedication to ethical jewelry-making practices.

    How Do I Determine My Ring Size for a Milamore Ring?

    Finding the right fit for your Milamore ring is essential for comfort and style. It's best to visit a local jeweler to determine your ring size before ordering.

    What Materials Are Used in Milamore Jewelry?

    Milamore uses various high-quality materials, including 18K gold and ethically sourced diamonds, color gemstones and cultured pearls.

    Transform Your Style With Milamore Jewelry

    Carefully crafted Milamore jewelry, born from a fusion of cultural influences, is waiting to be discovered by you. From bold, androgynous designs to delicate, timeless pieces, Milamore Jewelry has much to offer a broad clientele. Explore our collection and find your next favorite piece. Shop today!

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    Milamore Final Cut 03

    George Inaki Root, the creative force behind Milamore, talks about his eclectic jewelry collection.

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