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    NEW YORK - Inspired by classical architecture and fine art, Brazilian-born Moritz Glik started his career designing shoes. Each piece of Glik’s signature Kaleidoscope Shaker stands alone as an object of beauty and comes to life as the wearer’s movements encourage the stones’ dance. Glik’s sharp lines and refined details bring balance to designs that can be worn day or night with the same elegance and exclusivity.
    Sapphire Diamond Kaleidoscope Shaker Earrings
    Diamond Shaker Ring

    Moritz Glik

    Diamond Shaker Ring


    White Diamond Kaleidoscope Stud Earrings
    Diamond Kaleidoscope Shaker Earrings
    Diamond Kaleidoscope Shaker Bracelet
    Diamond Kaleidoscope Shaker Pendant Necklace
    Yellow Diamond Shaker Ring

    Moritz Glik

    Yellow Diamond Shaker Ring


    Emerald Shaker Curb Chain Necklace
    Emerald Kaleidoscope Shaker Earrings
    Emerald Kaleidoscope Shaker Baby Ring
    Emerald and Enamel Kaleidoscope Shaker Bracelet
    Yellow Diamond Shaker Leather Bracelet
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