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    NEW YORK - Co-founded by husband and wife Murat and Beth Bugdaycay in 2015. Authentic. Classic. Personal. Modern heirlooms that tell a story. Founded on mythological and classic symbols with the intent of inspiring the wearer to channel wisdom and apply it to their life. A reminder of the capacity of change and growth. Focused on self discovery and reflection, this collection "is highly personal yet charged with an energy and style that’s meant to empower & to be shared" for generations to come. 

    Baby Protection Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Baby Wholeness Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Fide Vestige Crest Medallion ONLY
    Balance Vestige Crest Pendant ONLY
    Elephant Vestige Crest Medallion ONLY
    Cor ad Cor Vestige Crest Medallion ONLY
    Nos Unum Sumus Ring


    Nos Unum Sumus Ring


    Baby Spark Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Baby Dream Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Baby Passion Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Wholeness Petite Enamel Necklace
    Dream Sequence Chain Necklace
    Aether Dotted Choker Necklace
    Gold and Diamond Thorn Charm Pendant ONLY
    Diamond Laurel Bookend Bands
    Sealed Gemstone Per Aspera ad Astra Ring
    True Love Sequence Chain Necklace
    Diamond Oval Annex Link ONLY
    Lapis Pendulum Pendant ONLY


    Lapis Pendulum Pendant ONLY


    Protection Petite Enamel Necklace
    Dream Petite Enamel Necklace
    Course Correction Petite Enamel Necklace
    Baby Blue Enamel Karma Pendant ONLY
    Baby Strength Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Medium Dream Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Medium True Love Medallion Pendant ONLY
    Medium Karma Medallion Pendant ONLY
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