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Marc Alary

Paris / New York - Marc Alary is a French born, New York based jewelry designer who grew up in Toulouse, France. He moved to Paris to study design before venturing to NYC where he spent time working for DKNY, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. Marc launched his debut collection of animal jewelry in gold and precious stones, entitled “Ménagerie - inspired by the magical, mythical animal kingdom and the trays of antique trinkets he remembers from his childhood.

Yellow Gold Panther Cutout Ring with Amethyst zoom 1_marc_alary_designer_cutout_panther_ring
White Diamond Pavé Elephant Pendant Necklace zoom 1_marc_alary_designer_pave_diamond_elephant_pendan
Articulated Monkey Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_monkey_ring

Marc alary

Articulated Monkey Ring


Black Enamel Hera Hoop Earrings zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_enamel_hera_hoop_earrings

Marc alary

Black Enamel Hera Hoop Earrings


Turquoise Inlay and Diamond Arte Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_diamond_turquoise_triangle_arte_
Black Enamel Arte Bracelet zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_black_enamel_arte_bracelet

Marc alary

Black Enamel Arte Bracelet


White Gold and Black Diamond Zebra Pendant zoom 1_marc_alary_designer_pave_zebra_pendant
Yellow Gold Crocodile Ring with Emeralds zoom 1_marc_alary_designer_crocodile_emerald_ring1
Gold and Enamel Stripe Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_enamel_stripe_ring

Marc alary

Gold and Enamel Stripe Ring


Gold Arte Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_arte_engraved_ring

Marc alary

Gold Arte Ring


White Enamel Arlequin Hoop Earrings zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_enamel_arlequin_hoop_earrings
Orange Jade Inlay and White Diamond Arte Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_diamond_arte_inlay_ring
White Gold Chain  zoom 1_marc_alary_designer_gold_chain_necklace

Marc alary

White Gold Chain


Gold and White Enamel Harlequin Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_enamel_arlequin_ring
White Enamel and Oxidized Palladium Ring zoom 1_marc_alary_oxidized_palladium_enamel_ring
Micro Crocodile Earrings with Green Diamonds zoom 1_marc_alary_gold_green_diamond_crocodile_stud_ear
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