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    Designer Stackable Rings & Bands

    Sculpted in precious silver and gold by world-class jewelry designers like Foundrae, these stackable rings and bands cover a wide breadth of themes and styles. TWIST is pleased to bring you these stackable designer rings, studded with vibrant gemstones and scintillating diamonds – each with a story all its own. Explore our stackable designer bands and the artisans who made them unforgettable, including Ondyn, Spinelli Kilcollin and so many others. You can mix and match stackable bands to create a look that's all yours. Find the stackable rings that beautifully resonate with your personal style.

    Rainbow Sapphire Rosa Band

    Harwell godfrey Rainbow Sapphire Rosa Band


    Silver and Gold Caliope Ring - TWISTonline

    Spinelli kilcollin Silver and Gold Calliope Ring


    Gold Open Leafside Band - TWISTonline

    Cathy waterman Gold Open Leafside Band


    Diamond Laurel Ring - TWISTonline


    Diamond Tiara Band - TWISTonline


    Turquoise Scallop Band - TWISTonline

    Nak armstrong nakard Turquoise Scallop Band


    Gold Half Lace Ring - TWISTonline


    Sonny Mixed Three Band Ring - TWISTonline

    Spinelli kilcollin Sonny Mixed Three Band Ring


    Libra Noir Ring - TWISTonline

    Spinelli kilcollin Libra Noir Ring


    Rainbow Gem Knot Ring - TWISTonline

    Brent neale Rainbow Gem Knot Ring


    Gold Ode Ring

    Prounis Gold Ode Ring


    Minimal Men's Band - TWISTonline

    Isabel borland Minimal Men's Band


    Green Onyx and Chrysoprase Luna Band


    Callisto Baguette Diamond Ring

    Spinelli kilcollin Callisto Baguette Diamond Ring


    Gold Laurel Leaf Ring - TWISTonline

    Cathy waterman Gold Laurel Leaf Ring


    Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Band - TWISTonline


    Dries Criel Diamond Flow Ring

    Dries criel Diamond Flow Ring


    Thorn and Berry Ring

    Cathy waterman Thorn and Berry Ring


    Ceylon Blue Sapphire Circle Band


    Lunar Rain Sea Shell Kelp Ring

    Lunar rain Sea Shell Kelp Ring


    Lunar Rain Starfish Ring

    Lunar rain Starfish Kelp Ring


    Diamond Vega Ring

    Spinelli kilcollin Diamond Vega Ring


    Diamond Tesselation Band


    Tiny Scalloped Flower Band - TWISTonline


    Cathy Waterman Gold Tiny Scalloped Flower Band


    Benson Boyfriend Band - TWISTonline
    Men's Palladium Niello Band - TWISTonline


    Tanzanite Laurel Band

    Cathy waterman Tanzanite Laurel Band


    Dorette Bague Croisee Ring


    Three Pearl Ring

    Jennie kwon Three Pearl Ring


    Silver Curve Ring


    Gold Small Wheat Band

    Cathy waterman Gold Small Wheat Band


    Diamond Ring - TWISTonline

    Zoë chicco Diamond Ring


    Ruth Tomlinson White and Champagne Diamond Gold Granules Band
    Nicole Landaw Men's White and Yellow Gold Band


    Harwell Godfrey Skinny Rainbow Sapphire Talisman Ring


    Rosa Maria Icy Yellow Diamond Poster Ring Side View
    Diamond Flower Vine Ring

    Cathy waterman Diamond Flower Vine Ring


    Blue Sapphire Euro Band Ring

    Elizabeth street Blue Sapphire Euro Band Ring


    Medium Diamond Capri Band
    Tiny Marquise Ring

    Cathy waterman Tiny Marquise Ring


    Rose Gold Half Diamond Wire Band - TWISTonline


    Foundrae Internal Compass Thin Stacking Ring
    White Gold Diamond Eternity Band - TWISTonline


    Gold and Silver Rustic Hammered Men's Band - TWISTonline
    Swirl Thorn Band

    Cathy waterman Swirl Thorn Band


    Diamond 'V' Ring - TWISTonline

    Annie fensterstock Diamond 'V' Ring


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