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    Grace Lee Jewelry

    LOS ANGELES - Designing a collection for those who don't necessarily consider themselves 'jewelry people', Grace Lee has created a striking balance of elegance and bold design. After spending nearly a decade in the finance industry, she honed her desire for minimal jewelry during a time when the landscape was full of large stones and chunky, brass pieces. The result is a brilliant collection echoing the delicate whisper of lace and a sophisticated equilibrium of lightness and strength. All of her rings are meant to be stacked and layered creating a modern canvas for a personalized wedding set. 

    Petite Lace Band With Alternating Diamonds
    Petite Straight Lace Band


    Petite Full Diamond Lace Band
    Alternating Diamond Lace Band
    Diamond Eternity Lace Band


    Diamond Petite Straight Lace Solitaire - TWISTonline
    Diamond Lace Band - TWISTonline

    Grace lee Diamond Lace Band


    Lace Aztec Ring - TWISTonline

    Grace lee Lace Aztec Ring


    Beaded Marquise Eternity Band - TWISTonline
    Gold Half Lace Ring - TWISTonline


    Lace Diamond Ring - TWISTonline

    Grace lee Lace Diamond Ring


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