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    Emanuela Duca Jewelry

    NEW YORK - Born in Rome and steeped in an arts-rich background of music, dance, painting and sculpture, Manhattan-based Emanuela Duca has married her passion for movement and sculpture in her collection of modern, earthy jewelry. Her hand-fabricated bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are highly textured, exaggerated and evocative of volcanic ash and the ancient ruins of her native Rome. The overall look is stark, simple and minimal, yet with a dramatic, fashion-forward impact. Emanuela Duca was recently selected as the recipient of the CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America) Incubator program - designed to support the next generation of fashion designers in New York City.

    Mixed Color Diamond The Mystic Ring
    The Mystic Diamond Cuff Bracelet


    Rhodonite The Mystic Ring


    The Mystic Two Diamonds Necklace


    Cognac Diamond The Mystic Cuff Bracelet
    Single Diamond The Mystic Ring


    The Mystic Chain Earrings


    Silver Diamond The Mystic Ring Ring
    Diamond The Mystic Skinny Band


    Blackened Silver Diamond The Mystic Ring
    Emanuela Duca Gold Colibri Cuff Bracelet


    Emanuela Duca Rose Quartz and Diamond Colibri Ring
    Rainbow Sapphire November's Moon Cuff
    November Moon Gold Chain Necklace


    November Moons Gold Earrings


    November Moon Gold and Silver Circles Necklace
    Gold November Moon Earrings


    Diamond Band November Moon Ring


    Svelare Cluster Necklace

    Emanuela duca Svelare Cluster Necklace


    Svelare Gold and Silver Bracelet


    Svelare Gold and Silver Fringe Earrings
    Spark and Soul Mixed Gold Chain Bracelet
    Spark and Soul Mixed Metal Bracelet
    Spark and Soul Brown Diamond Bracelet
    Spark and Soul Brown Diamond Band


    Silver and Gold Stacked Respiro Ring
    Pink Diamond Respiro Cuff Bracelet


    Silver Respiro Cuff Bracelet


    Gold and Diamond Letting Go Ring - TWISTonline


    Letting Go Chain Earrings - TWISTonline


    Gold Link Inside Out Bracelet - TWISTonline


    Terra with Gold RIng - TWISTonline

    Emanuela duca Terra with Gold RIng


    Terra Gold Link Necklace - TWISTonline

    Emanuela duca Terra Gold Link Necklace


    Spark and Soul Hoop Earrings


    Cuore Aperto Pendant Necklace


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